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What is Tutoroot?

Tutoroot is a online tutoring platform where students can take lessons, on various subjects of their choice, from experienced tutors at the comfort of their home.

Is there an ideal internet bandwidth/speed for using the online platform?

For best performance, we suggest an internet speed greater than 500 kbps and minumum speed of 250 kbps. Note that there are other factors which can affect network performance like multiple streaming devices, large downloads or uploads, multiple open tabs etc. We strongly recommed that you pause activities like file downloading, online gaming and video streaming on other devices connected to your network, as this will slow down the internet speed.

What browser do I need to use the online platform?

For best performance, we recommend using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Mozilla browsers.

How do I cancel a scheduled session?

To cancel a scheduled session you need to login, go to your dashboard and then click on "Upcoming Sessions". You will see a button to cancel the session.

Who are you?

I am a Counselor

What is your name?

Hello! my name is Jasmine.

Do you provide course brochure?

No, we do not provide any course brochure.

Do you provide soft copy of course material?

No, currently we do not have this facility.

Can I chat live with Customer Support?

Yes! Tutoroot Customer Support is available to answer your questions. Click on the Support menu and post your question. Tutoroot admin will reply back to you within a certain period of time.

How to search for the required tutor?

When you're exploring your options for the perfect tutor, you can customize your tutor search through matching engine. Choose the subject name, level of education and board to display tutors list. Tutors that match your criteria can be sorted according to Hourly rate, location, gender, Lowest/Highest Price per session.

Will there be a demo class?

No, currently we do not have this facility.

How can I get into the online class?

To enroll the online course simply follow the following steps:

  1. Go to our website or you can click on the following link
  2. Go to the Signup option.
  3. Provide the information in the SignUp section.
  4. You will receive an activation email to your email id.
  5. Activate your account to Login.
  6. Match your tutor and book session.

Does Tutoroot offer tutoring for homeschool students?

Yes! Many tutors listed on Tutoroot are experienced educators, and support homeschool students and parents. If you are homeschooling your child, connecting with a tutor to review and supplement your curriculum is a great and affordable option.

Can we use the online tool for free?

Yes! Tutors and students can use the tool as often as they would like, and there’s no cost to access or use the tool.

What should be the internet speed?

During the video tutorial session a good quality internet connection is mandatory. Normally 3G connection is preferable.

Can more than one student have an online lesson at the same time?

Yes, one tutor can teach more than one student at a time. There is an option in the tutor dash board where the tutor can select how many students he/she wants to teach at a time.

Is there any prerequisite to take the session?

There is no prerequisite to take the session.

Can you resolve our queries?


Is the registration free?

Registration in Tutoroot is free of cost. You only have to pay if you are booking a session.

How do I reset my password?

Visit your account via the Login page , there will be a welcome username menu on the top of the page. Under the menu to will see change password option to change the current password.

How timezone works?

When you schedule an online lesson with a student outside of your timezone, you should schedule that lesson in your own timezone. Our system will adjust the time on the student's end so it appears in their timezone

Is it possible to open an account as a tutor and as a student

No. You will need to create two accounts if you wish to be both tutor and tutored on Tutoroot.

Can I have online sessions using my tablet?

Yes, you can use Tablet for taking sessions. However for best performance, we recommend accessing Tutoroot from a laptop or desktop computer.

Can both users write on the whiteboard at the same time?

Absolutely! they can.

Does Tutoroot offer a 24-hour service?

Yes, we have tutors based in different timezones around the world. Depending on tutor's availability, sessions can be booked at any time of the day or night.

How can I create a Student account?

For creating a Student account, click on the Login button on the tutoroot homepage. Then click on Sign Up, select Student and provide the required details to sign up & create a student account.

What happens if I miss the session?

If you miss the tutoring session without prior cancellation, you will forfeit the entire fee that you have paid. However, if you cancel the session in advance then you will receive a partial refund.

Are the any prerequisities for a session?

No there are no prerequisites for taking a session.

What do I need in order to take the online session?

You will need an internet connection with 500 kpbs or higher speed, a laptop or desktop or a large mobile device like iPad or Android tab. If you are using a laptop or desktop it is advisable that you use a microphone to talk.

What is the benefit of taking the session?

You will have access to a specialist tutor who will give undivided attention to you so you can learn and clarify all your doubts.

Is it possible to take a break in the middle of a session?

If it is a one-to-one session, you can request the tutor for a short break. If it is one-to-many session where multiple students are attending then you may not be able to take a break.

How do I dispute a charge?

If you feel you were charged incorrectly, you can write to our admin by clicking at the "Report a problem" button in your dashboard.

What are the timings for the session?

The session timing depends upon the tutor's availability. You have to book a session by checking the tutor's calendar.

Do I have to commit to any number of sessions?

No, you do not have to commit to multiple sessions. You can book one session at a time and then decide if you want to take more sessions.

Can I contact the tutor prior to a session?

No, our platform does not allow you to contact the tutor prior to a session. You have to take at least 1 session with a tutor and then decide whether you want to continue taking more sessions or not.

What subjects do you offer?

We have multiple subjects like algebra, arithmetic, geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, english etc. All subjects are listed on the homepage under the "Find a Tutor" tab

In how many languages do tutors teach?

Tutoring languages are mentioned in individual tutor profile.

What is the duration of one session?

The session duration depends upon the tutor. There are sessions which ends within 15 mins and session which can last as long as 1 hour. You can select the tutor according to your convenience.

Do you conduct any exam to assess my self in subject?

No, currently we do not have this facility.

Will you send feedback to parents?

No, currently we do not have this facility.

How to find a tutor

When you're exploring your options for the perfect tutor, you can customize your tutor search through matching engine. Choose the subject name, level of education and board to display tutors list. Tutors that match your criteria can be sorted according to Hourly rate, location, gender, Lowest/Highest Price per session.

For which grade the course is available for?

This online tutoring is available from Grade level 3 and higher.

How to pay the tutor?

The payment page will automatically come after booking a session. You have to fill the required details to continue the payment.

What if I'm not satisfied with my tutor?

If you’re not satisfied with a tutor, let us know in your review of the tutor after your session. Your comments and ratings for tutors are used to ensure we can provide the best tutoring for all students.

Is there any installment facility available?

No, there is no installment option available.

How much I have to pay if I start a session instantly?

You cannot start a session instantly. You have to book a session at least 30 minutes prior to the time slot provided by the tutor. And the charges are dependent upon the tutor's experience, review and rating.

How can I join the lesson?

You'll need to log in to your Tutoroot account from a desktop or laptop computerusing your login credentials (username: the email address you used when you opened your account) in order to join a lesson through the online tool. Then you have to schedule the session by selecting the time slot provided by the tutor according to your convenience. As soon as you book the session payment option will come which you need to be fill to get the online tutoring.

Is it possible to bill in my local currency?

No. At this time, all rates and payments listed are in Indian currency.

Can I work with more than one tutor?

Students who use Tutoroot are absolutely allowed to work with as many tutors as they like! Whenever you find a tutor listed on the platform whose expertise matches your specific goals, just reach out.

Is there any offline payment option?

No, there is no offline payment available.

Is any classroom course available?

This is an online class platform. One can interact with the tutor by being at their comfort zone.

Can I hire a tutor for a service other than tutoring?

Tutoroot is an online marketplace solely intended for tutors to advertise their services and students to find tutors to help achieve their academic or career learning goals.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards and net banking as payment methods at this time.

What should I do if I need to leave the session in the middle?

You have to inform the tutor before leaving the session.

Will I be able to record the session?

Yes, you have the choice to record the session.

If I decide to leave the course midway, will I get the refund ?

No, we do not have such facility of refunding the payment

Can you repeat a Session if required?

No, repetition of session is not possible. Regarding any doubts or queries you can ask to the concern tutor by booking another session.

How safe is Tutoroot?

The safety of students is a main priority for us. All tutors are required to verify their credentials with us. We’ve also integrated ratings and reviews to put you further at ease. But should you have an issue within your session, please let us know. All sessions are recorded and can be reviewed by our team

Is it possible to keep the same tutor ?

Yes. We encourage this because it improves the learning experience and allows your tutor to understand your learning needs better

What amount I have to pay if my session ends early?

In case if the session ends early you have to pay the full amount what the tutor has mentioned.

How can I locate a specific tutor on Tutoroot

If you're trying to contact a tutor you've previously had lessons with then you can locate their profile by going to the history section of your dashboard. In the history section you'll find a record of all tutors with whom you've previously had contact. Click on tutor's name to view the tutors profile.

How many people joined in your institute to learn ?

Till now lots of students have joined the sessions. Be hurry and join the best tutors available.

Can i get topic wise price chart?

No, it is not possible to get the topic wise price chart.

Can I try the online tool before scheduling a session?

No, this facility is not avaiable.

How do I cancel a scheduled lesson?

To cancel a scheduled session first go to the dashboard and click the cancel session button against the session that needs to be cancelled.

How many tutors do you have

We have many tutors. You can read their profile on our website and select a tutor of your choice.

Do you have a algebra tutor?

Yes, we have qualified tutors for algebra, arithmetic, geometry, biology, physics, chemistry, English and french. You can login to our website for more information.

How qualified the tutors are?

Regarding the qualification and other queries about the tutor you can login to our website or click the following link

Are there sessions on the weekends?

Yes, there can be sessions on saturday and sunday. It all depends on the tutors availability time slots.

How can I create a Tutor account?

For creating a Tutor account, click on the Login button on the tutoroot homepage. Then click on Sign Up, select Tutor and provide the required details to sign up & create a tutor account.

Can I make my tutor account private?

No, approved tutor profiles are visible to all students on

What should I do after completion of the session?

After completion of the session, the tutor should mark it as "complete" in the dashboard. As soon as the session is marked as "complete" a pop up screen will appear in the student dashboard asking the student to review and rate the tutor.

Does the tutor have to follow a fixed agenda during the session?

The tutor does not have to follow a fixed agenda during the session but needs to have a basic structure so students can learn in an efficient way.

Can I decline a new student request?

Yes, the tutor can decline the student request by clicking the cancel session button present in the tutor dash board and should mention a reason for the cancellation.

Can a tutor have two accounts?

The Tutoroot system does not permit duplicate accounts or applications, and tutors are allowed only one account at any time. If you currently have an account with Tutoroot that you can't access, or are experiencing an issue with opening an application, please contact

Can I log in to my account using Facebook?

No, currently we do not have this facility.

How do I log in to my tutor account?

To log in to your tutor account, head to the Tutoroot home page, and click "Log In". A modal will appear that allows you to enter your Username and Password After filling out the username and password you can log into the account.

How does student select me?

Students are free to choose the tutor they feel best suits their needs. Students search for tutors by using the matching engine.

How can I get more session requests?

Tutor can have more session request if time slots are more. Session request also depends on tutors hourly rate, cost per session , rate and reviews of the tutor.

How can I tell if I have a new request?

When a student books a session, you will receive an email to your registered email id.

Can I share my tutor account with another tutor?

No, you should not share your tutor account with another tutor.

How can I stop receiving tutoring request?

You can stop receiving requests by deactivating your Tutoroot account. Please email Tutoroot Support at support@ to have your account deactivated.

For how long I have to teach?

We have tutors who teach as little as 15 minutes per month and others who tutor for several hours per day. It's completely up to you! You always have the choice to accept as many or as few lessons as you wish. However, once you accept a lesson for a specified time, you are expected to work with the student at least until the end of that scheduled time.

Where can I find information about my earnings as a tutor?

You can find it in the tutor dash board under history section.

When the student will pay me?

Payment will be done through Tutoroot after 2 to 3 business days of completing the session.

What is the verification procedure of the tutor?

Tutors are required to submit official documents that verify their personal identity, as well as proof of their education and certifications. A criminal record check completed within the past year is recommended for tutors to appear as a safe tutor choice for parents and students. Failing to provide the required verification documents will only delay review and possible approval of your application.

Who can tutor for Tutoroot?

Tutoroot holds a high standard for tutor requirements. In addition to creating a strong profile based around subjects of need, all tutors are required to verify their application by providing the following documents: A government issued photo ID, A copy of their highest completed degree or transcripts - should an applicant not hold teaching credentials, a minimum of a Master's degree may be accepted Copies of any teaching licensure, if applicable (i.e. state/provincial licensure or language qualification such as TEFL).