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for 8th - 12th grades

Tutoroot is an online tuitions’ platform providing tuitions and personalized assistance that is both convenient for parents and comfortable for students.

  • 1:1 LIVE Classes with Expert Tutors

  • Flexible Timings, Personalised Study Plans

  • Timely PTM, assessments/tests

  • Dedicated doubt clearing sessions


Best Online Tuition Platform for Class 8,9,10,11 & 12.

Searching for the right tutor and an appropriate tuition schedule that suits both parents and the children can be a challenge, especially taking into consideration metropolitan city travel time and distance.

Tutoroot is the answer as an online tuitions’ platform providing tuitions and personalized assistance that is both convenient for parents and comfortable for students.

With Tutoroot you can be assured of personalized learning, expert guidance, interactive platforms, flexible scheduling, holistic coverage, and regular assessments. Putting students first is not just a priority for us at Tutoroot, it’s a guiding principle.


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Get the Tutoroot advantage and be ahead in class

  • Personalised learning tailored to individual student needs

  • Expert guidance from qualified tutors

  • Interactive platforms for engaging learning experiences

  • Flexible scheduling accommodating both parents and students

  • Holistic coverage of subjects

  • Regular assessments to track and enhance student progress

Tutoroot crafts the best solutions with YOU in mind


We complement conventional classroom training, focusing on the formative growth of the student


We offer excellent faculty from top institutions and contemporary teaching methods


We conduct assessments, reviews, PTM, tests and analyse skills and limitations


We prepare students for long-term career with a focus on attitude and aptitude

What our Students say about their Learning Experience with Us

Assured the Best from Online Tuitions - classes 8,9,10,11 & 12

Traditional learning in classrooms can be another challenge students face with each class consisting of a large number of pupils. Getting the right attention or extra mentoring when it comes to complex problems may or may not always be possible in regular classrooms. This is one of the reasons why more and more parents and students prefer personalised tuitions. Here students will not only have the space to clear doubts, but they will also be able to understand a topic in a unique way.

Boosting Your Child’s Academic Success

Live classes, discussions, and personalized study materials at Tutoroot foster’s an environment where questions are encouraged and concepts are clarified on the spot, making learning an interactive and dynamic process. Expert tutors, regular assessment, as well as continuous feed back inspires and encourages the best out of a student. At Tutoroot, tutors closely monitor each student progress and identifies areas for improvement. The teachers help by providing constant and constructive feedback that facilitates improvement, builds confidence and competence in each student.

The Foundation of Success



Our Tutoring is highly Personalised and takes into account the student's comprehension and understanding and tackles the challenges he faces with customised learning techniques.

Innovative Methods


Our online tutoring modes,modules and formats are designed to ensure a high level of effectiveness across absorption, retention and retrieval. We enhance the student's natural set of skills and work on his limitations.

Experienced Tutors


Our Tutors are highly experienced in teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biological Sciences from Grade 8 to Grade 12. We also help aspirants efficiently prepare for IITJEE and NEET.

Mentoring Support


Our expert faculty is well-positioned to not only extend interactive tutoring to you, but also train you in personal skills that help you manage time and stress. We also mentor your ideas and plans and help you choose and plan your career.