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Tutoroot Launches Fast-Track Exam-Prep for IGCSE Class 10 Maths and Chemistry Core and extended exam.

IGCSE exams for the existing batch occur in March 2022. It is time to prepare in a planned and tactical way to attain better grades. We at Tutoroot provide Live interactive classes from experienced faculty with a clear focus on exams.

Since the duration is short important and relevant topics are covered based on past year question papers.

Classes are taken by PhD scholars from University of Oxford, Cambridge

Key features of

  • (i) Live interactive classes for batches up to 15
  • (ii) Subjects covered are Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • (iii) 3 month Fast Track Exam-Prep program to be ready for exams in March 2022

You can select from an individual subject or all subjects. All the course materials will be provided

2 sessions a week per subject of 90 minutes duration.

Monthly 12 hours of classes per subject. Minimum batch size of 5 students. Students can join in the middle of the course too. Contact us pricing at +917760225959

All the faculty are from University of Oxford, Cambridge

Click here to download the portions covered for the four subjects i.e. Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Do watch a demo of IGCSE Introduction to organic chemistry.

For further queries do reach us at +917760225959 or

Classes are held between 6 to 8 PM IST.

Classes will be held using Microsoft Teams.

The Giant Foothold for Ambitious Students

IGCSE holds a globally renowned curriculum that achieves high standards of academia by leveraging a systematic approach of logical, analytical, and practical study. The students of Tutoroot will gain an edge that sets them out of the crowd.

We build from the base up and expand our horizon as we go to ensure that the student holds a holistic understanding of the lessons. The tutors break the concepts to enable students to understand and move at a pace comfortable for them. We are a platform that goes above and beyond replicating a physical learning environment.

Teaching Structure

  • Warmup Problems
  • Past Paper Questions and Teaching of Key Concepts
  • Revision Quizzes and Homework
Teaching Philosophy

Student Materials

  • Collaborative Teaching Materials
  • Student Notes
  • Ongoing Assessment
Teaching Philosophy

Courses Offered

Live Interactive

Introduce and elaborate upon key concepts contained within the IGCSE maths syllabus, focusing especially on common areas of difficulty, to increase the fluency and understanding of the students.

Live Interactive

Demonstrate, through the use of various targeted past paper questions, how to apply these concepts to the full range of problems that can be encountered in IGCSE maths.

Live Interactive

Ensure that the students are fully familiarised with the format of the exams and alert them to all the useful ‘tips and tricks’ that will help them to maximise their chances of success.

Live Interactive

Give detailed and practical advice to the students regarding how to practise, revise and prepare during the time leading up to exams.

Live Interactive

Challenge the students with non-standard, problem-solving-style questions which are becoming increasingly fashionable as examination questions with many exam boards, in order to increase the students’ confidence in applying topics they know to unfamiliar questions.

Number of sessions 48
Session duration 90 mins
Number of sessions 48
Session duration 90 mins
Number of sessions 48
Session duration 90 mins
Number of sessions 48
Session duration 90 mins

Tutoroot’s Blueprint

Know Our Fundamental Pillars of Success

Live Interactive

Interactive Live Classes

Online live interactive classes, personalised learning program from highly experienced IIT teachers. Schedule & study from the comfort of your home.

Test series

Mentoring Program

Each student is assigned an experienced mentor to not only guide them but also give purpose, promote mental health & help with time management.

Live doubts

Personalised Learning

With personalised learning techniques designed uniquely for each student, we identify the strengths and areas of necessary action to work on..

Counselling buddy

Playback Recording of Past Classes

For students who would like to refresh their memory, we allow you to replay classes you attended anytime and anywhere.

Counselling buddy

The Patient & Adaptable Tutors!

The extensively experienced faculty team of Tutoroot holds a student-led approach and mirrors their subject enthusiasm with innovative sessions. It enables you to have an enjoyable academic growth. As we personalize the material to meet the unique requirements of each student, the tutors help you narrow down subjects that pique their interest, work on the same to successfully pursue your academic passion, and carry forward in a well-guided manner.