Cracking the IIT JEE & NEET exam is now a breeze.

Presenting the Gateway to Success Programme

A 2 year journey towards the world of success in Engineering or Medicine.

Starts with YOU. And US. TOGETHER. Till 2025.

The Gateway To Success programme

The Gateway to Success programme is the outcome of the cumulative effort of several experienced faculty drawn from IITs, NITs and PhDs across the country. Tutoroot has designed this exclusive training, coaching and mentoring programme that help students achieve their dreams of studying in top national level colleges and institutes in the country.

The Programme will help science stream students getting into Grade 11 to crack the aspirational IIT JEE and NEET entrance examinations in 2025 and will be conducted though Personalised Real Interactive Live Classes. The exclusive online programme will have only 10 Students in a batch and each student will be mentored at a personal level on a regular basis

Deliverables to Students

  •   Programme through PERSONALISED LIVE ONLINE Sessions
  •   Mentoring & Doubts Sessions
  •   Periodic Assessments / Tests (Weekly, Term, Annual & Mocks) along with detailed Feedback and Mentoring
  •   Exhaustive required Courseware

Tutoroot - The Catalyst for the best tutoring in the country.

  • Tutoroot is a Hyderabad based Edtech company which has a long lineage of successes in the global Information technology business. The name Tutoroot signifies that we provide the roots of excellence for a student's academic and exam excellence. Comprising over 100 professionals drawn from the fields of education, Tutoroot has an enviable team of IITs, IIMs, PhDs who are committed to providing high levels of excellence to students. A customised framework, robust technology and a seamless platform ensures that all its programmes are the best-in-class. And this makes Tutoroot one of the best Edtech companies in the country.

Features of Gateway To success Programme

  • Admissions through an All India Qualifying Diagnostic test in an MCQ format, conducted by Tutoroot.
  • Handholding and personalised focus will be ensured as there are only 10 Students in a batch, backed by exclusive dedicated faculty.
  • More than 1000+ hours of learning, assessments, mock tests with daily personalised interactive online sessions and weekly / monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / annual mock tests.
  • More than 75+ Tests over 255+ Hrs comprising of Weekly, Term, Annual and Mock tests including the sharing of detailed feedback.
  • Ongoing Mentoring through real-time and continuous resolution of Doubts and Difficulties that a student may encounter.
  • Tutoroot top notch faculty has a combined experience of more than 200+ years in mentoring students for IITJEE and NEET Entrances and are privileged alumni of IIT, NIT and Ph.D.’s in their respective fields. The students trained by them have achieved All India Ranks under 100 on a consistent basis, year after year. More than 17,500+ students have secured admission into IITs and other national Institutes of eminence in both the Engineering and Medical streams.

Benefits to Students

  • Self-learning courseware leading to Better Understanding.
  • All learning tools available online24X7
  • The dedicated and committed handholding plus preparation itself makes sure that the student gets an eligibility to get a seat in top Engineering / Medical Institutions in India
  • Individual attention for enhancement of examination skills
  • Personalised attention and access to the National level faculty, who have an excellent and proven track record
  • Helps in identifying the areas that need upgradation and improving the same.
  • Better and quicker understanding of concepts thereby enhancing performance in tough entrance exams.
  • Enjoys the Learning Process which helps build Confidence, Trust and Reliability.
  • Better Focus towards preparation for Examinations through continuous teaching, feedback, and rigorous ongoing testing methodologies.
  • Personalized Real interactive live online classes.
  • Finest National Level faculties with exceptional experience.
  • Faculty with relevant subjects mentoring background.
  • Doubts Solving with real time unique personalized support.
  • Student-centric Environment for learning.
  • Periodic & Rigorous Tests / Assessments with feedback.

Gateway To Success - The obvious choice

  • Gateway To Success is a worldclass training programme designed by topnotch professionals and the limited batch size is a boon to every student who aspires to join a national level institution in Medicine or Engineering. What are you waiting for? Call us today

IIT-JEE Entrance Mentors


NEET Entrance Mentors


‘Gateway to Success’ EXAM

Selection Process

  • Register for the All-India ‘Gateway to Success’ diagnostic test on the Tutoroot website. Click here to register
  • Online objective test would be conducted
  • Result would be announced in 24 hours
  • 1-on-1 online interaction with shortlisted students would be conducted
  • The Shortlisted students will be informed
  • A detailed online interaction would be conducted with Parents and Student
  • The selection of Student who would be announced
  • Admissions / Enrollment is completed
  • Programme / Session would be launched