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Who Are We?

Stemmed from the idea of having deeper roots of learning among students, the name Tutoroot signifies that the root of it all is the company’s resolution to facilitate academic and exam excellence of the tutee. The tutors help students not only calculate mathematical equations but also the chemical balance that is required to maintain level-headedness in a competitive world.

What Do We Do?

When you think of online learning, do you picture a student immersed in a laptop with little interest in what’s being taught at a stretch?

Well, at Tutoroot, we intend to make learning fun by not only having live interactive classes but by also holding mentoring one-on-one doubt clearing sessions, mentoring programmes, adaptive courseware, assessments and video lectures in addition to academic workshops.

We truly believe that all students can learn and succeed but not in the same way and not on the same day. Therefore, we adopt personalised learning techniques that can identify the weak areas and perfect the imperfections of each student.

How does it work?

Fully understanding the complexities and dynamic work schedules that parents face these days, our sessions are designed seamlessly to enable easy access to tutors.

  • Our Roots: Tutoroot Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the most prominent startups in the Edtech space. Tutoroot is promoted by Athena Global Technologies, a BSE-listed, successful, IT technology and services company.
    Founded in 2019, Tutoroot is an online education platform with dominant expertise in personalised tuitions and classroom teaching. Tutoroot’s team of experienced tutors are conversant with the demands of the online technology and the needs of the students. Tutoroot enjoys the advantage of drawing on the nearly two decades of expertise that the founders and top professionals of Athena Global have in the Education and Technology spaces.
  • Our Team: The company has a strong teacher resource of 120 professionals at present and growing by the day. With thousands of students’ sessions, course sessions and study sessions Tutoroot offers a complete bouquet of offerings to our students. At the core of it is a team of highly competent faculty members from coveted institutions such as Indian Institutes of Technology and National Institutes of Technology.

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Tutoroot is a Hyderabad based Edtech company which has a long lineage of successes in the global Information Technology business. The name Tutoroot signifies that we provide the roots of excellence for a student's academic and exam excellence. Comprising more than 100 professionals drawn from the fields of Education and Training, Tutoroot has an enviable team of IITs, IIMs, PhDs who are committed to providing the highest levels of excellence by curating the best learning experience for students.

A customised framework, robust technology, one-on-one personalised sessions and a seamless platform ensures that all of its programmes are the best-in-class. And this is what makes Tutoroot one of the most respected Edtech companies in India.

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