Why Goal Setting in the Life Important? – Steps to select a Good Goal

Why Goal Setting is important?

Goal setting is one of the most commonly used expressions in our daily life. Especially, during learning and development programs, upskilling initiatives, and largely across campuses – both educational and corporate, this is a catchword.  

Before we dwell deeper into goal setting and its aspects, let us first understand – What is a goal?  

A goal is basically a desire or ambition, an aim or an expectation that calls for a special focus, defined timelines, a plan of action, and consistent review. It is generally long-term and can be individual, group, or organizational. 

Why Goal Setting in the Life Important? - Steps to select a Good Goal

What is Goal Setting?

Once you are clear about your goal and confident about embarking on the journey to achieve it, goal setting comes into the picture. Goal setting refers to putting a comprehensive and clinical action plan in place to achieve your goal. It puts forth a process with actionable items lists, and objectives that have to be achieved in milestones, before reaching the final destination. Goal setting provides for a breakdown of larger actions into smaller deeds, all accomplished in a chain or in tandem. 

Goal-setting examples – I want to become a doctor

The goal setting deals with how to prepare for the exam, how to clear the entrance, how to seek admission, where to study, how to pursue the program for four years, and finally become a doctor. 

Why to set Goals in life?

  • Clarity: By setting goals, you are clear about where you want to see yourself within a defined period, and what you want to achieve based on your passion, skills, and weaknesses 
  • Commitment: With goal setting, you work harder with more enthusiasm 
  • Care: You take care of your skills, attitude, health, time, family, and money, thanks to clear goal setting that helps you prioritize all aspects of life appropriately 
  • Challenges: Goal setting takes you through expected and unforeseen challenges, making you stronger with immense endurance and more resilience 
  • Class: Goal setting puts you in a league of those who are inspiring, achievers, and experts, thereby creating a class 
  • Credibility: You are more credible and trusted since you are clear and committed about what you aspire to do 

Importance of Goal Setting

Without setting goals, life doesn’t have a meaning and it looks rudderless. You need to have a goal and goal setting in place to achieve and make life more meaningful.  

Best way to set up a Goal

  • Be passionate and specific and set goals that are doable and align with your interest and strengths  

Steps to follow in Goal Setting

  • Always identify your area of interest, strength, and preferences in life. This helps you efficiently set goals 
  • Be intelligent and smart where you clearly define, measure, review, and articulate your goal setting.  
  • Always be realistic and reasonable in setting goals, they should be doable  
  • Define timelines and stringently stick to them 
  • Break your goals into smart goals, and then classify them under long-term and short-term goals 


What is an important step in effective goal setting? 

Having passion and a plan is the foremost step 

What is the important rule of goal setting? 

  • You should always have an action plan defined by milestones and timelines 
  • Your goals should be doable   

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