1 on 1 live Classes – Individual Coaching for IIT-JEE Aspirants


Tutoroot is an Ed-Tech based educational institution which is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. Tutoroot brings learning at your convenience with Online Live Interactive Classes for the aspirants of IIT-JEE Mains & Advanced, NEET, long term. Foundation, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB  program to attain good grades in their exams. Where you can connect with tutors for quality online Home Tuition in Any subject, Anytime, Anywhere. The instant booking feature of Tutoroot ensures you to have seamless connectivity with teaching professionals who are alumni of IIT’s.


Courses features and Benefits

Tutoroot’s course Features for 1 on 1 live Classes

  • Interactive live classes are taught by highly experienced IIT faculties.
  • The quality of teaching is best at Tutoroot.
  • Adaptive courseware where the syllabus is designed in a way through which students can easily grasp the content.
  • Mentoring programs each student will be guided under an assigned mentor.
  • Personalized learning where students can select the subjects and teaching process according to their convenience.
  • Playback recordings of past classes are available 24/7 on the tutoroot’s website.

Tutoroot’s course Benefits for 1 on 1 live Classes

1. High quality interaction where the student feels that he or she is heard

With a one-to-one learning environment, the student is able to communicate openly and honestly with his or her instructor. Due to the personal attention, the instructor is more inclined to listen and help the student to give them the help and attention they need.

2. The teacher is able to gauge the student’s progress and mastery of the subjects

It’s important to check the progress of the student from time to time. Here the teacher is able to gauge the success and struggles of the student, even if the student chooses not to volunteer to respond. When the student is performing poorly, the instructor will know, make corrections, and adjust the lesson plans and projects so as to meet the student’s pacing and need for reteaching.

3. The 1 on 1 sessions eliminates distractions

Students normally get interrupted by their peers from time to time. This can greatly affect their ability to understand concepts in class, and cause frustration when they are ready to move forward more quickly.

Without the distraction and overstimulation of a room full of peers, students are able to focus all attention on their instructor and the material being taught. This can help the students to perform better on assignments, and their tests and exams.

4. Low stress environment

You will realize that students can perform poorly if they are learning in a stressful environment. Through one-to-one interactions, students learn to trust their teachers and are given a completely safe place to openly share their problems.

More often, some students fear answering questions in a classroom setting with peers where they might be perceived as “well-known.” Others fear making mistakes, potentially feeling embarrassed in front of their peers or teacher, so they hesitate to take these kinds of risks. However, with one-to-one instruction, the student can freely express themselves to the instructor and get the help and attention they need.

5. Ability to personalize conversations and assignments

Students are not only able to address the things that they do not understand, but they’re also able to curate conversations with the instructor in order to incorporate their interests.

As a result of this, the student can actually develop their course schedules, projects, reading lists and other class elements based on personal interests, resulting in greater engagement and motivation.

6.The tutor is able to adapt to the student’s communication style

One-to-one interactions give the student ample opportunities to practice their interpersonal communication skills. The instructor is able to adapt to the student’s communication style, and to allow the right amount of “wait time” after asking questions so that the student can process the question and provide a thoughtful answer. For more info you can check Tutoroot’s 1 on 1 classes info.

What Tutoroot provides better?

Tutoroot provides better IIT-JEE, NEET and foundation coaching. The best Crash Courses and rank upliftment programs which helps the students to achieve good grades. The best 1 on 1 online classes across the country are provided by Tutoroot . Where students can easily interact with their concerned faculty and get their doubts clarified .If you are facing any doubts from your previously taught topics you can contact your concerned tutor on Sunday and get your doubts clarified.

How will the 1 on 1 classes be conducted?

The Tutoroot conducts 1 on 1 session with only one student and the concerned faculty will be present at the online session. The faculty conducts 1 on 1 online classes by using real time examples for the student. The sessions will be interactive, faculty make (PPT) power point presentations of the topics and then give detailed lectures on it. The graphical representation and visual based teaching of the required subjects and topics are also used for better understanding of the concepts.


Tutoroot’s live interactive sessions are helpful for aspirants to clarify their queries in live classes and to improve their performance at the time of their exams. You can clarify your doubts and can also suggest your lecturer to teach according to your convenience. The live interactive Online sessions are useful for the aspirants to attain better grades in their tests. Tutoroot is the whole combination of all advantageous online coaching institutions where you can grasp and select according to your convenience. Here you can also pay your tuition fee in installments. Approach Tutoroot for all your educational problems and you will find better solutions.


Can I attend 1:1 LIVE classes from my Smartphone?

Yes, you can attend 1 on 1 live classes from your smartphone. But you can be more beneficial when you attend it with your laptop, Desktop or Tablet because it has better and more unique options in them where your learning can be enhanced in a better way. 

Will I get any assistance from the previous year’s Question paper?

Yes,  there is no need to worry. The Profound IIT faculties who are giving you lectures will explain the important topics from previous year’s question papers as well.

Will I get any study material while enrolling for 1:1 IIT-JEE classes?

Yes, the study materials will be provided in the form of soft copies after you enroll into the program. The access to material will be available only to the enrolled students throughout your course program’s duration.

What will be the timings of the Online Classes?

Classes are scheduled on the flexible timings keeping in mind the schedule of the students. The  scheduled timings are 6:45pm to 9pm IST

What are the requirements for the LIVE classes?

To attend the live classes you need speed internet connection (WIFI)

and a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet.

Who will be the instructors in the Online Classes? What are their qualifications?

The Tutoroot have Profound IIT faculties who are qualified from renowned IIT universities, and they are trained and qualified instructors. Where the instructors are trained well on how to insert the concept based learning in the student. 

Will there be any Test Series for students? How will the performance be judged?

Yes, there will be tests based on the weekly, monthly teachings and the scores will be informed to your parents. The performance of the student is judged by giving grades on how they solved their paper.

What would be the mode of Payment for the Tuition Fee?

The tuition fee payment mode is online payment where you can pay through your credit or debit card, UPI Payment, mobile payments.

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