Best Books for CUET Preparation UG – Books to Read for Crack CUET Exam

Cracking the Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET) for undergraduate programs requires strategic planning and access to the right resources. Choosing the best books for CUET preparation plays a pivotal role in shaping your success journey. In this guide, we unveil a curated list of the best books for CUET preparation 2024, ensuring a comprehensive and effective study plan. 

Is NCERT Books Enough for CUET Exam Preparation?

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a competitive exam for undergraduate admissions to central universities in India. NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) books are often considered the foundation for various entrance exams, including CUET. However, whether they are “enough” for CUET exam preparation depends on several factors: 

  • Syllabus Coverage: NCERT books cover the basic concepts and fundamentals of various subjects, which are crucial books for CUET preparation. However, CUET might have a specific syllabus, and candidates may need to refer to additional study material or other relevant key preparation books to cover all topics comprehensively. 
  • Depth of Knowledge: While NCERT books provide a good starting point, key preparation books for CUET may require a deeper understanding of concepts. Candidates may need to supplement their preparation with advanced reference books for CUET or online resources to ensure thorough understanding. 
  • Practice Questions: NCERT books contain a limited number of practice questions. To excel in CUET, candidates should practice a variety of questions from different sources to improve their problem-solving skills and time management. 
  • Subject-Specific Requirements: Depending on the chosen course, candidates may need to study subjects that are not covered in NCERT books. In such cases, additional study material or other specific CUET key preparation books for those subjects would be necessary. 

While NCERT books are an essential resource for CUET preparation, candidates should use them as a foundation and supplement their preparation with additional study material, practice questions, and mock tests to improve their chances of success.

Why are NCERT Books Important for CUET Preparation?

NCERT books are renowned for their concise explanations, conceptual clarity, and alignment with the academic curriculum. Incorporating NCERT books into your CUET exam preparation offers several advantages: 

  • Strong Foundation: NCERT books are considered key preparation books as they cover fundamental concepts and topics across various subjects, laying a strong foundation for advanced learning. 
  • Conceptual Clarity: The lucid language and structured presentation of NCERT key preparation   books enhance conceptual clarity, facilitating better understanding and retention. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: NCERT books encompass a wide range of topics relevant to CUET exam preparation syllabus, ensuring comprehensive coverage of key subjects.

How to Read NCERT Books for CUET Preparation?

To derive maximum benefit from NCERT books for CUET preparation, follow these tips: 

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the CUET exam syllabus and identify the relevant NCERT key preparation books for each subject. 
  2. Read Thoroughly: Read NCERT key preparation books thoroughly, focusing on understanding concepts, principles, and theories explained in each chapter. 
  3. Take Notes: Make concise notes summarizing key points, formulas, and definitions from NCERT key preparation books to aid in revision. 
  4. Solve Exemplar Problems: Practice solving NCERT exemplar problems and exercises to reinforce learning and improve problem-solving skills. 
  5. Revision: Regularly revise NCERT key preparation books to consolidate learning, clarify doubts, and reinforce understanding of core concepts.

Best Books for CUET Preparation 2024

For effective CUET exam preparation, here’s a curated list of the best books categorized section-wise: 

CUET Books List 2024 Section-wise: 

Section 1: Language 

  • High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren & Martin 
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis 
  • Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi

Section 2: Domain Subjects


  • Mathematics for Class 11 & 12 by R.D. Sharma 
  • NCERT Mathematics Textbooks for Classes 11 & 12 


  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma (Volumes 1 & 2) 
  • NCERT Physics Textbooks for Classes 11 & 12 


  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd 
  • NCERT Chemistry Textbooks for Classes 11 & 12 


  • Biology: Class 11 & 12 NCERT Textbooks 
  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology Vol 1 & 2 by K.N. Bhatia 

Section 3 : General Test

General Knowledge: 

  • Lucent’s General Knowledge 
  • Manorama Yearbook 

Logical Reasoning: 

  • A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal 
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT by Nishit K. Sinha

Final Notes

Selecting the right books for CUET preparation is essential for achieving success in the exam. While NCERT books serve as a fundamental resource, supplementing them with additional reference books and practice materials enhances your preparation and boosts confidence. With a structured study plan and access to the best books for CUET preparation, you can embark on your CUET preparation journey with confidence and determination. 

For CUET preparation, it is important to choose the best books that cover the exam syllabus comprehensively. Some of the best books for CUET preparation include: 

  • “Concepts of Physics” by H.C. Verma – For Physics 
  • “Objective Mathematics” by R.D. Sharma – For Mathematics 
  • “Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning” by R.S. Aggarwal – For Reasoning 
  • “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis – For English 
  • “General Knowledge 2022” by Manohar Pandey – For General Knowledge 

These books, along with NCERT books, can provide a strong foundation for your CUET exam preparation. Additionally, solving previous years’ CUET question papers and mock tests can help you familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and improve your time management skills. 

In conclusion, with the right study materials, dedication, and perseverance, you can crack the CUET exam and secure admission to a prestigious central university. 

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Is NCERT enough for CUET? 

NCERT key preparation books are considered essential for various competitive exams, including the Common University Entrance Test (CUET). However, their adequacy for CUET exam preparation hinges on several factors.

Firstly, while NCERT key preparation books establish a strong foundation and explain concepts clearly, CUET often demands a deeper comprehension and application of these ideas. Augmenting NCERT key preparation books with supplementary study materials can address this requirement. Additionally, while NCERT key preparation books cover a substantial portion of the CUET syllabus, they may not delve into all topics with the necessary depth. As a result, candidates might need to consult additional books and resources to ensure comprehensive coverage. Moreover, NCERT key preparation books offer a limited number of practice questions, necessitating extensive practice to tackle various question types effectively. This underscores the importance of additional practice materials in honing problem-solving skills, speed, and accuracy. Furthermore, CUET may encompass subjects not covered in NCERT key preparation books, necessitating the use of specialized books to address these topics. Therefore, while NCERT books for CUET books are a valuable resource for CUET preparation, they may not suffice independently. Candidates should complement their preparation with additional books, practice papers, and online resources to ensure thorough readiness and enhance their likelihood of success in the exam. 

Is Oswal good for CUET? 

Oswal books can serve as supplementary resources for CUET preparation, but candidates should prioritize renowned reference books and study materials aligned with the CUET exam syllabus. 

Assessing Oswal books’ suitability for CUET preparation hinges on several factors, including the quality of content, alignment with the CUET syllabus, and their efficacy in aiding students’ understanding and application of key concepts. Oswal books are generally esteemed for their high-quality content, often offering thorough coverage of topics crucial for competitive exams like CUET. It is vital to verify that Oswal books closely match the CUET syllabus to ensure focused study and avoid wasting time on irrelevant material. Oswal books are recognized for their clear explanations and use of student-friendly language, which can greatly benefit students aiming to grasp intricate concepts easily. CUET exam preparation necessitates practice questions, and Oswal books typically provide an ample supply. These questions allow students to assess their understanding and practice solving problems similar to those in the exam. Oswal books often include supplementary materials such as online resources or practice tests, which can enhance your preparation strategy.

Thus, in other words, Oswal books can be a valuable resource for CUET exam preparation, especially if they align well with the exam syllabus and offer clear explanations along with sufficient practice questions. However, it is advisable to supplement your preparation with other books and resources to ensure comprehensive coverage and a thorough understanding of the exam’s top 

Can I crack CUET in 1 month? 

Cracking CUET in one month is challenging but not impossible with rigorous preparation, strategic planning, and access to the right study materials. However, it’s advisable to start preparation well in advance for better results. 

Which book is better for CUET? 

The choice of books for CUET preparation depends on individual preferences, subject requirements, and study approach. Candidates should select renowned reference books, NCERT textbooks, and practice materials aligned with the CUET syllabus for effective preparation.

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