How to Keep One Self Motivated to Crack the NEET Exam? The 6 BEST WAYS

Everyone wants to be the best and stand out in a crowd. So, to achieve the best results, motivation is a key to success. One should always keep themselves motivated. The aspirants should listen and watch the motivational speakers whose words would inspire them and they would keep going.
The renowned motivational speakers. Who would always keep you motivated throughout your journey are:
Sandeep Maheshwari, Anand Munshi, Saurab, Shiv Khera, Vivek Bindra and many more.



1.Power of self- motivation in NEET preparation

Keeping oneself motivated all the time is very important. Self motivation is very important. Always keep inspiring yourself. You are the one who can motivate your brain and heart in any possible way.

Your competition is not with other aspirants (in reality they are, but should not be in your mind). You have to surpass your own performance in tests. Neither get dejected by bad marks nor become overconfident. Work hard (smart) towards your goal.

2.When you improve yourself, motivation follows

At every weekly and monthly tests set a target that you would score so and so score this will keep you going further in achieving good scores.

Main agenda here is that your improvement will keep you motivated. Always analyze your mistakes in the tests. So that you will never repeat those mistakes again.

3. Build interest in subjects

The other important key factor in staying motivated is you should always be interested in the subjects you are studying. Be in love with the subjects you are preparing to and solve them with utmost interest.

4.Remember your goals

Always remind your mind for what purpose you are here.i.e. To crack NEET and to secure admission in top medical colleges, always give these word reminders to yourself, use sticky notes and paste them on your study table.

5.Take inspiration from NEET Success Stories

Read the stories of the students who cleared NEET and achieved their dream.

Follow the quality of perseverance, don’t give up on your dreams very easily. Don’t assume it is impossible to clear NEET. Yes, it is tough but not impossible.

6. Talk to your parents and teachers when you feel demotivated

At a certain stage or point of preparation you feel demotivated from your performance or your work, to motivate you and to share these things there should be your go to people. Who can understand you better and give you motivation to move forward. They could be your parents, teachers, friends, cousins etc.,…

Don’t worry about the results at this stage, just turn back and give a glance how far you’ve come.


1.Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.

2.Stay positive ,work hard and make it happen.

3.Work hard, dream big and never give up.

4.Keep asking yourself “How Bad You Want It”?

5. When You Are Ready To Quit Just Remember How Good You Look In The White Coat.

The above mentioned are Encouragement NEET motivational quotes


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