Guide to Start the Preparation for IIT-JEE From Class 11

Most of the IIT-JEE aspirants begin their preparations from class 11th onwards and this is the appropriate way of pitching their start towards achieving the goals which are pre-set by them.

IIT-JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams to get into engineering. To crack this exam one should start their preparations as early as possible. A student who starts their preparation in the 11th standard has a better chance to crack it. With this, we can assure you at the 11th standard would be the best time to start the preparations for IIT-JEE.


How to Start Preparing for IIT JEE from Class 11?

How to prepare for IIT-JEE? Everyone has this question in their mind. Here are important tips that an individual aspirant should keep in mind before starting their preparation for IIT-JEE from class 11.

  1. Have a complete glance on the syllabus.
  2. Select the required study materials and books.
  3. Prepare a study schedule or timetable.
  4. Understand the basics, strengthen concepts and make a habit of problem-solving.
  5. Join a coaching for guided preparations.
  6. Be determined and stay consistent.
  7. Take small breaks between long study hours.
  8. Revise the learnt topics.
  9. Focus on small goals to achieve big results.

1. Have a complete glance on the syllabus

The first thing the aspirant should do before preparation is to view the syllabus. Before starting your preparation you should know what to study and what all subjects are assigned for the IIT-JEE exam. IIT-JEE exam syllabus contains subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and you should cover the syllabus of both 11th and 12th Standard.

Don’t worry about the IIT-JEE Advanced and Mains syllabus. The syllabus is almost the same for both exams. But there is a difference in questions. The question level is a little bit high in  IIT-JEE Advanced.

2. Select the required study materials and books

There are 2 scenarios here:

Scenario 1: If you want to join a coaching center, don’t buy any of the IIT-JEE preparation books because the books provided by the coaching center would be more than sufficient for your preparations.

Scenario 2: If you aren’t ready to join a coaching center then the 11th and 12th standard NCERT books are best study materials for IIT-JEE. Would suffice for your preparations.

3. Prepare a study schedule or timetable

Time Management Is The Key, systematically using time is very efficient to you. Because scheduling your time accordingly is required in the IIT-JEE preparations to meet results efficiently. Before pitching your preparations, make a study schedule. So that the time is equally divided between all the subjects and the syllabus is covered on time. Always try to work with time because time is an important factor where each and everything is dependent on.

4. Understand the basics, strengthen concepts and make a habit of problem-solving

In the question paper, you will list concept based questions only, so to answer them well, you should prepare in a way that you are perfect with your basic concepts with perfection and also practice the numerical exercises often. Make a preparation schedule where you can inculcate the habit of solving the questions daily & increase practicing the number of questions for speed. You can only crack the IIT-JEE exam when your basic concepts and theory are well-founded.

5. Join a coaching for guided preparation

In coaching sessions, your discipline is planned, you can have doubts about the clearing session, learning methods or anything that is causing you trouble. Be curious always throughout the preparation. As Steve Jobs Added, “Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry”. Do your homework and assignments on time and never make assumptions.

6. Commitment on the line and for the line

You should be passionate and determined to clear the exam. There will be times when you would find it difficult to find commitment, understand and manage things. Do not give up, Never back down. If you haven’t had your target/ scores reached, get your head down & push forward. Perseverance is a very useful & beautiful tool if it’s in the habit. Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to achieve what you want.

7. Take small breaks between long study hours

If you don’t take breaks from study, you’re more likely to be fatigued & burned out in the preparation. Take small breaks between long study hours just to maintain focus and concentration in studies. Breaks can be anything from going for a short walk, playing some game, or watching something you like. Though be cautious for not wasting time and don’t try to misuse the breaks.

8. Revise the learnt topics

IIT-JEE preparation takes a lot of your time. You understand topics, solve problems and old concepts fade away from your mind at times. For efficient preparation, consistent revision is necessary. Always revise important points before a good-night sleep.

9. Focus on small goals to achieve a big result

The IIT-JEE syllabus looks huge at the start. Don’t scare yourself. You just need to divide it into modules. Take up one topic at a time and focus on accomplishing the goals related to the topic; once that is over, move to the next topic in the syllabus. Small steps would lead to big results. Always follow this criterion. When a test is coming, revise theory and solve problems from all the topics.

Why should I start my prep from 11th grade itself? Why not 12th?

 Exams like IIT-JEE need lots of time for preparation. As you will have ample amount of time to cover the syllabus and topics, starting your preparations from 11th grade, is the best choice which you can go for. You can also start your preparations from 12th grade but, the amount of time which you will possess would be less. The best advice is to start your preparations as early as possible. Let’s face it because there are Students who follow the same Course of preparation for 2 Years. 

Important Topics to cover in JEE Mains & Advanced


Trigonometry Integral Calculus Differential Calculus Vectors Analytical Geometry Algebra.


General Physics Thermodynamics Optics Modern Physics Mechanics Electricity and Magnetism.


Physical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

LEARN FROM Previous Years’ Question Papers

Always have a look at previous year question papers so that you will have some help & idea on how the questions are framed? What is the duration to solve the problems? All these questions will be crystal clear in your mind when you complete viewing the previous year’s question papers.


Hoping that the above preparation tips will help you in the journey of preparations to reach your destination which is cracking the IIT-JEE Exam. As mentioned above, starting your preparation from the 11th standard is the best suggestion. You can enroll yourself with Tutoroot’s IIT-JEE courses which have been provided for the grade 11 students.

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