NEET 2022 will be Difficult or Easier than 2021?

Difficulty level of NEET can’t be predicted beforehand because it varies every year . It’s a standard myth among medical aspirants that the NEET exam gets tougher every year. NEET 2022 is often tougher or easier than 2021 and previous years. As a NEET aspirant, it’s not good to stress about this stuff during the preparation. Always make an effort to keep your focus on preparations. Still keep an eye on previous year papers and analyze the difficulty level of previous year papers.


How to deal if the Exam paper gets tough?

You should never get frightened by a tough NEET paper. It’ll be an equivalent for all NEET aspirants. What matters is how you perform on the examination day. Those that keep their calm during the exam are the ones who perform well.

Don’t assume/ predict the level of paper. If you’ve prepared well for NEET then it’ll be easier. If you’ve not studied properly then it’ll be tougher. Any subject is often easy, moderate or tough within the NEET exam. You should organize your three subjects well in advance.

Analysis on previous year question papers

NEET Paper analysis is useful in understanding the weightage of topics, the previous year’s difficulty level of the exam. As per the statement of experts, NEET cut-off marks are dependent upon the difficulty level of the exam. It’s advised to practice from NCERT books and former years’ questions for NEET 2022 exam. Hence, the aspirants will receive advantages to attain high scores.

Let us analyze the 2021 and 2020 exam papers

NEET 2021 Paper Analysis

NEET 2021 overall exam was moderate in terms of difficulty level.


Difficulty Level


Difficult & Tricky





NEET Physics Paper Analysis

  • The Physics section was the toughest and lengthy.
  • 4-5 tricky questions were asked in both sections A & B.
  • 70% of Physics paper was numerical based.


Number of Questions







SHM Waves




Modern Physics and Electronics




NEET Chemistry Paper Analysis

  • In comparison to the previous year paper, the Chemistry section was difficult.
  • Most questions were directly asked from NCERT books.
  • Approx 5 questions were matrix match type while 3 questions were graph based.


Number of Questions

Physical Chemistry


Inorganic Chemistry


Organic Chemistry




NEET Biology Paper Analysis

  • The Botany section was easiest, while the Zoology section was slightly moderate in terms of difficulty level.
  • Most questions in the Botany section were directly asked from NCERT books.
  • Few Zoology questions were tricky.


Number of Questions
Biology in Human Welfare 3
Ecology 11
Plant Physiology 7
Human Physiology 15
Cell Structure 6
Structural organization in animal and plant 7
Biotechnology 8
Diversity of Living Organism 12
Reproduction 10
Genetic and Evolution 11


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