New Phenomenon on E-Learning Platform by CEO of Tutoroot

Learning is a phenomenal part of man’s routine. Let it be education, building skills, personal development, etc. It’s a never-ending journey! Pre-pandemic learning was sustained in classrooms, but post-pandemic scenarios are different now. For many, finding the right platform had become a peril on its own.

The constant hunger for growth is at times petrifying! The unfolding education crisis in the country was dismissed by this blessing in disguise when Athena Company launched Tutoroot, an educational technology platform enabling training services for K12 students! If the pandemic highlighted the inequalities faced by both students and teachers while managing online, M.Satyendra (Satish) Managing Director of Athena Global Technologies Solutions and Tutoroot, made sure to fill this gap. He spoke about the company and gave many insights to us to know how they are actually bridging the digital takraar in education.

Beginning with the Eureka moment, he states, “As digitisation is on par and transforming various industries, one sector we wanted to work on was education. So this is the origin of our education platform, fortunately, we started the procedure in pre-Covid only. But we got more awareness post the pandemic!!

The issues students were facing during that period boosted us to develop this platform, according to their issues and needs.” He also states how before the pandemic, people mostly didn’t understand online training platforms. As a start it was just a self-learning platform, later it developed into video recording sessions, and slowly the interacting sessions came to light.

E-learning a new phenomenon

If you look at classrooms today, there is no personalized training as per the educator. The teacher interacts with a bunch of students at a time. Post pandemic, the situations were different as everything had to be digitised in a short span.

Most of the platforms were like watching television, once distracted you’ll lose track of the time! Furthermore, he continues, “If we see the major issues of the current situation, students aren’t able to concentrate on online classes. Teachers are also unable to engage the bunch of students all at a time, onscreen.

Considering all these issues we are trying to get an adaptive engine into our platform which focuses on personal training, It is more of interactive based learning, whatever they experience through classrooms they experience the same
with our online platform. According to it, we designed our efficient learning curve too because education is a hybrid model that can never digitise completely, as students are not only experiencing offline for academic reasons but for so many other traits. For example, there is characterization, behavioural, communication etc.

Students develop such things only in school. The courses students learn in school, we boost them to learn beyond that here.” Currently, they are working with an NGO, as most teachers are struggling to take online classes. They are making content to educate teachers and helping them to adapt new teaching methods and that’s
surely the need of the hour! In normal situations, one doesn’t have access to teachers outside India, but through this platform, one can interact with International teachers also and get more exposure.

Concluding the interview on a knowledgeable note, he expresses, “Education in India definitely has one of the best systems and is up to the mark. Huge companies are hiring students from our country. So it’s our responsibility to enlarge it further!” The platform aims to a learner’s destination, to avoid the digital divide and enhance the way one looks at education nowadays.


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