Step-by-Step NEET Exam strategy to answer all Physics Questions?

Step_by_Step_NEET_Exam_strategy_to_answer_all_Physics_Questions.The majority of students preparing for the NEET exam on their own can manage their biology and chemistry sections, as it is more about learning about the ideas, remembering crucial information, exceptions, and reaction names, among other things.

When it comes to the NEET physics part, a lot of people need help. Fortunately, there are various options: you can engage a private tutor, enrol in online NEET classes, and so on.

Self-study using study material, books, and other available preparation materials offline or online, or attend a typical coaching class, acquire preparation materials and books, and self-study using study material, books, and other available preparation materials.

The physics portion contains 45 questions. Here is the exam strategy you can use to answer them:

• Begin with the super-easy questions, which should take no more than a minute or one minute at most. There will be 10-12 such questions in NEET paper that do not require the use of a pen to answer.

• Let’s pretend you’ve completed 10 of the 35 questions. Now go for the questions you think you’ll be able to answer in 1–2 minutes. These are the questions that are entirely dependent on formulas. And because their options aren’t all that close, estimation would make calculations easier. This category includes 22 to 25 questions.

• Those ten questions you left must be the ones you’re having trouble answering. Or they must have done some complicated calculations or used a formula you don’t recall. When you have 20–30 minutes left on the clock, do these questions after the paper. You might be able to answer 5–7 questions out of them.


• Because physics takes longer than bio or chemistry, it’s a plus if you can do chem and bio in 1.5 to 1.75 hours. The more time you have left, the calmer you will be, decreasing the chances of making silly mistakes.

Remember, Practice makes all the difference in physics; the more you practise, the easier it will become.

Learning everything on your own might be exhausting, which is why the majority of students studying for the NEET examinations seek assistance from tutors, experts, coaching centres, and online NEET classes.
Students who use test preparation courses and NEET exam books achieve their goals faster and score higher.

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