Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking PCMB After 10th Grade?

Many students often end up confused about deciding whether to choose PCMB subjects (Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.) This is an important decision in the life of a student, as it will help them make the choice of the right career.  

For instance, if they choose BiPC as they are mainstream, then they can only get into a Medical career, whereas the MPC stream allows students to choose various types of Engineering and Software related careers. Unlike BiPC and MPC, the PCMB is vastly different as it incorporates all the different PCMB subjects in one stream, which in turn unlocks multiple career options for the students. 

Specifications of PCMB over others

Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking PCMB After 10th Grade?

Before you decide to choose PCMB as your mainstream subject, you must consider certain aspects, which we are explained here:  

  • If you are not sure which career you want to end up in, then PCMB might be the right one for you. This choice allows the candidates to have a wider range of career options to choose from.
  • Moreover, due to the inclusion of different subjects in the PCMB, the syllabus includes vast chapters and topics. So, students might have to prepare harder for the PCMB subjects than they would have to do for general subjects.
  • By the end of the PCMB course, the candidates will have to decide which stream or PCMB career options they want to settle in. 
  • Furthermore, the number of colleges or schools currently offering PCMB as a stream is limited across the country.

Pros of PCMB

Multiple Career Options

As you can see, the main advantage of taking PCMB in 11th grade is that the candidates will have multiple career options to choose from. For instance, they can go for medical, engineering, and other related fields. Students can decide whatever career field they are in they are interested in by the end of the course. 

More Opportunities

These days, the number of people looking to settle in medical and engineering fields has been rapidly rising. So, it is very hard to get a good career break at the end of their course, unless they have studied very hard, and secured high marks. For these students, the PCMB stream option allows them to safely choose various types of careers, regardless of their ranks or scores. 

Improve Time Management

Moreover, by preparing for important subjects such as Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, candidates can use that advantage to leverage the options for different careers. More importantly, preparing for multiple subjects within a limited time period will help the students to improve their ability to manage time and multiple subjects. 

Cons of PCMB

Although the PCMB stream unlocks multiple career options for students, it also increases the number of subjects the students have to study. For a student who cannot put in long hours of study, PCMB is not the best option. This is because they have to strive hard to get better marks in multiple subjects at the same time. 

More Confusion

If the student has not yet decided on the choice of a career, then the PCMB option is a good one. But not having a stable core subject might confuse them, and may not be very helpful, as they might end up being more confused by the end of the course. 

Busy Schedule

If you are preparing for the PCMB subject, that will keep students very busy, trying to spend studying most of the time. In addition, this means, the candidates might have to cover a vast syllabus, including multiple chapters and complex topics. To make this possible, students will have to maintain a strict study timetable. 


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