Things to Remember While Selecting Science Stream After 10th

The students who have completed schooling often end up choosing the science stream to get into the best careers in the future; as a result, the number of students opting for the science stream is increasing every year. Are you the same one who wants to end up in engineering or medicine after your 12th? Or if you are wondering what or how to choose a stream after the 10th? Here are certain things you must keep in mind if you plan to join the science stream or other streams, let’s get into details. 

Important Aspects to Consider before joining the Science Stream

Proper Research

Before enrolling in the science stream, the student, as well as parents, need to research to understand the different types of careers that a candidate can access by choosing this stream. Based on the career your child is aspiring you can make a plan. If you are not very thorough, your children might end up in careers they are not interested in. 

Things to Remember While Selecting Science Stream After 10th

Personal Interests

Many parents often make career decisions for their children, which is something they should avoid. Mainly because each student has their own interest and career option, parents choosing on behalf of their children will lead them to end up in a job or a course they are not happy or satisfied with. This is why we suggest the parents sit along with their children and help them make their career choice of whether to choose the science stream or not after the 10th class. 

Aptitude Levels

Every student has different aptitude levels, which they might not be aware of. As this might affect their ability to study a certain subject or course after the 10th. So, parents need to find out their children’s aptitude levels and help them make decisions based on the results. For example, if the student has low aptitude levels, then he/she might have a hard time trying to understand the complex topics or subjects in the science stream. So, for these candidates, the science stream might not be the best choice. Apart from this, you should also consider the strengths and weaknesses of your children. 

List of Science Streams

Due to rising demand, the number of options in the science stream has also increased over the years. Besides this, you should know that there are multiple science stream options for the students to choose from after the 10th, which are further differentiated into two types, optional and compulsory.  

Compulsory Science Subjects (After 10th) 

  • Math’s/Biology 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry 
  • English 

 Optional Science Subjects (After 10th) 

  • Economics
  • Psychology 
  • Engineering Drawing 
  • Physical Education 
  • Informatics Practices 
  • Computer Science 

 However, as you can guess the most popular combination of science stream subjects that are compulsory is Math’s Physics Chemistry (MPC) and Biology Physics Chemistry (BPC). These two streams enable students to join engineering degrees and medical courses respectively. Besides, there is also an extra option for students who are confused about choosing BPC or MPC, which is the BMPC combination. Under this option, the students will learn all the important subjects and have access to a wide range of engineering/medical options after the 12th. 

Career Options After 12th for MPC Students

Students who have joined the science stream and decided to take MPC (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry) as their main subjects will have access to a large number of career options at the end of the 12th class, such as 

  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering 
  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Aerospace Engineering 
  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Bio-Technology 
  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Computer Science 
  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Electrical and Tele-Communication Engineering 
  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Electrical Engineering 
  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Chemical Engineering 
  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Civil Engineering 
  • B.Tech/B. Engineering in Information Technology 
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science 
  • BSc in Nautical Technology 
  • BSc in Home Sciences 
  • BSc in Fashion Technology 
  • BSc in Naval Architecture and Ship Building 
  • BSc in Geology 
  • BSc in Math 
  • BSc in Chemistry 
  • BSc in Physics
  • BSc in Forensic Science 
  • Bachelor in Architecture 
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 
  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology 
  • Bachelor of Arts Sociology 
  • Bachelor of Arts Physical Education 
  • Bachelor of Arts Tourism 
  • Bachelor of Law 
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management 
  • Bachelor of Social Work 
  • Bachelor of Interior Design/Product Design, and many more   

Career Options After 12th for BPC Students

Similar to the MPC, the students who joined the BPC (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) stream will have multiple career options to choose from after the 12th. 

  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery 
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy 
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 
  • BSc Veterinary Sciences 
  • BSc in Horticulture 
  • BSc in Radiology 
  • Bachelor in Medical Technology 
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery 
  • Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery 
  • Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences 
  • BSc Food Technology 
  • BSc Bio-Technology 
  • BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics 
  • BSc Microbiology 
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy 
  • BSc Speech and Language Pathology 
  • BSc Botany
    BSc Bio-Chemistry 
  • BSc Zoology 
  • BSc Agriculture


In the above article, we have provided a comprehensive description of how to choose a stream after the 10th, what things one should keep in mind while selecting a science stream, etc. As you know, the students should prepare for the future ahead whether they have chosen the MPC Stream or BPC stream during the 11th and 12th. Because after completing the 12th, students have to attend the entrance exams, such as NEET and IIT JEE, to get into the career options mentioned above.  

However, qualifying for these entrance exams is not easy, which is why you might need to start your preparation as soon as possible and study very hard. And joining an online interactive class is better, where you can get access to the best educational materials, and certified staff, at budget-friendly prices, which will help you get amazing ranks and scores in the respective entrance exams. If you are interested in the features, please visit the Tutoroot platform to learn more about these online classes. 

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