How to Make your Online Classes Interesting and Interactive?

Virtual teaching is quite tricky as it takes a lot of effort and creative skills to stimulate a child’s brain consistently. Online teachers are finding it challenging to teach online as keeping students hooked to their screens is not easy with potential disturbances surrounding them at their homes.


Now, what can help teachers in keeping students engaged and making the classes more interactive? 

Make a visual impact

MYour audio and video can make a good impact on the student. A correct tone and background along with the right facial expression will keep the students engaged and interested. 

Understand your student

MKnowing your audience will help you understand their perception better. Attempt to imagine how interesting your students find your classes. If you are successful in making them feel valued in class, then they will not miss their sessions. 

Gain good technology knowledge

It’s important to know the virtual tools to add variety to your lessons. Whether you use pointers, text editors, drawing tools, file editors, screen-sharing tools, it has to be taught to students also, so that they feel confident while using them too.  

Set short-time goals and follow up with them

With clear outlines in their learning process, you can set short term goals for students and reward them when they finish the tasks on time. Positive feedback, reward points, and offering fun activities will encourage students to work better over time. 

Break down classes into smaller sessions with interactive pauses

Lengthy slides with too much text will not help as they may lose out concentration in the middle of the session. Does a particular topic need a graph or any figurative descriptions? Can we make this topic lighter by giving real-time examples? 

Encourage peer collaboration

Group discussions collectively via chat groups in the presence of a teacher will help students discuss topics freely. It encourages slow learners to solve problems with the help of their peer group and allows them to learn from each other. 

The above points may give you a good foundation to build up a strategy to frame your next online classes. 

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