Do or Die Chapters for NEET Biology?

Biology is the main subject for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, as it has the highest weightage and the greatest number of questions. So, students who are thorough in this subject have a higher chance of cracking the NEET exam. Here is detailed information for NEET aspirants on the weightage and the number of questions from each chapter in Biology. 

Important Things to Keep in Mind

  • The syllabus for biology and other subjects in the NEET exam is taken directly from NCERT Books for classes 11 and 12 
  • This subject in the NEET Examination Paper accounts for more than 90 questions and carries a total mark of 360 
  • Students who can score more than 300 marks in the NEET subject can easily qualify for the NEET 
  • However, to get a better rank, you must also obtain better marks in other subjects too 

Do or Die Chapters in NEET Biology

In this section, we will talk about the most important chapters in biology subjects, in terms of weightage and the number of questions asked from the said chapters. 

Do or Die Chapters for NEET Biology?

  • Human Physiology is the most significant chapter in NEET Biology, with a weightage of up to 20% 
  • Chapters such as Genetics and Evolution, Cell: Structure and Function, Biology and Human Welfare, Reproduction, and Diversity of Living Organisms carry a higher weightage compared to other chapters 
  • Also, the low-weightage chapters such as Ecology & Environment, Plant Physiology, and Bio-Technology are crucial because of the number of questions included in the NEET 

Chapter Wise Weightage in Biology for NEET

Now that you are familiar with the Do or Die Chapters for NEET, let us talk about the weightage of each chapter in Biology.  

Chapters   Weightage 
Human Physiology   20% 
Genetics and Evolution  18% 
Diversities in the Living World  14% 
Ecology & Environment  12% 
Reproduction  9% 
Structural Organization in Plants & Animals  9% 
Plant Physiology  6% 
Cell Structure and Function  5% 
Biology and Human Welfare  4% 
Biotechnology and Its Applications  3% 

Chapter Wise Number of Questions

Firstly, you must know that there are two sub-sections in the Biology NEET that are equally important such as Zoology and Botany. 


Important NEET Botany Chapters  No. of Questions 
Plant Physiology  8 
Animal Husbandry & Bio-Technology  7 
Ecology  6 
Genetics  6 
Structural Organization of Plants  5 
Diversity of Life  5 
Cell: Cycle and Structure  5 
Biomolecules  2 
Evolution  1 
Biology in Human Welfare  1 


Important NEET Zoology Chapters  No. of Questions 
Human Physiology  10 
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health  6 
Animal Husbandry & Biotechnology  6 
Animal Kingdom  5 
Structural Organization in Animals  4 
Cell Structure & Function  4 
Ecology  3 
Biomolecules  3 
Biology in Human Welfare  2 
Evolution  1 
Human Health & Disease  1 


I expect the preceding post helped you learn everything you need to know about the major chapters for NEET Biology, as well as the importance of each chapter and the number of questions that will be asked on it. If you are finding it difficult in learning various complex topics, getting a certified teacher’s guidance from online interactive classes offered by the Tutoroot platform helps you learn the subject more easily. Not only that, but these classes are very affordable in comparison to other similar platforms, and they also include a variety of other unique features and benefits. 

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