How To Increase Physics Score In NEET?

Physics is one of the most disregarded subjects in the NEET Syllabus as many people often spend more time covering other subjects, such as Chemistry and Biology. However, you must remember that Physics is one of the most complex subjects and many people often end up not scoring good marks in this subject. Besides NEET Physics questions that pose challenges, the complex nature of the chapters too makes it quite hard to remember or understand. Although, with proper preparation and practice of physics chapters for NEET, you can get better scores. Moreover, to help you, students, we will list out some of the tips and tricks you can follow. Besides, you will also get orientation on the physics syllabus for NEET 2024, the physics important chapter for NEET 2024, and more. 

Ways to Increase Physics Score in NEET

Students who want to improve their scores in the Physics NEET subject can make use of the tips and tricks provided here in this section.

How To Increase Physics Score In NEET?

Collect Relevant Study Material

As you can guess, it is very important for NEET aspirants who are struggling in Physics to collect all the relevant study material for their NEET preparation. However, for this process, you must mainly refer to NCERT Books of Class 11th and 12th as the syllabus is directly taken from them. Once you have become thorough with these books and the basics of physics subjects, then you can study from other popular NEET Physics study materials.  

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

First of all, to score good marks in any subject, the students must go through the previous year’s questions papers. This process will help you understand the type of questions asked in each topic the subject. In addition to this, if you have completed studying and want to test your knowledge and performance. Then you can make use of the previous year’s question papers.  

Make Notes of Important Concepts and Formulae

The NEET is a very tough exam as only 65% of people usually qualify for this entrance exam. While the other failed students might have to wait for one year to reappear for the exam. Therefore, to get good marks and qualify in all subjects including Physics, you must regularly revise carrying a notepad, where you can add all the important formulas and concepts so that you can easily revise whenever you have free time.  

Take Mock Tests Regularly

As stated in the above sections, if you want to test your knowledge of Physics included in the NEET syllabus, take the mock tests regularly. It provides a clear picture of finding out the weak and strong areas in the subject. So, that you can put more time and hard work into improving the weak areas. And there are many online platforms that often conduct NEET mock tests for the aspirants. Moreover, attending these mock tests will help you acclimatize to the NEET exam and its pattern. 

Clarification in Concepts

It is more important for you to understand the concepts instead of memorizing them. There is a high chance that you might forget the concepts while attending the exam if you memorize them. Individuals must focus on strengthening their foundation in Physics as well as mastering all of the concepts needed in order to pass the NEET test. If you have any doubts about these concepts, clarify them before moving on to the next topic improves the chance of scoring better in NEET.  

Knowledge of Exam Patterns and Questions

For the purpose of getting good marks in Physics, the candidates must have a good understanding of the exam patterns and the type of questions asked. In addition to this, you must also learn about the weightage of each chapter and the number of questions from the chapter. So that you can prepare accordingly, based on the weightage of the chapters in Physics. Moreover, through this process, you can find out the tough concepts, and the concepts that have more weightage and spend more time on them, which in turn will help you get better scores in the subject.  

Make a Clear Plan

When preparing for Physics NEET Chapters, the candidates must maintain a clear plan that they are going to follow thoroughly in order to get the best scores. This plan should include various other important aspects, such as the daily timetable involving study times for all chapters, important concepts, breaks, etc. With the help of this plan and daily timetable, the NEET aspirants can prepare well within the time period they have.  

Important Chapters for NEET Preparation

For all the people who want to get more information about the important chapters in Physics, as well as their weightage and number of questions from the said chapter. You can visit the Do or Die Chapters for the NEET Physics article to access all this information along with the NEET Physics syllabus in much more detail.


Now that you have learned all about the tips and tricks to improve your scores in the NEET Physics syllabus. There is one more aspect that you can make use of, an online interactive class where you can access the best study materials from certified lecturers who will solve all your doubts. If you are interested in these features, then you can check out the Tutoroot platform, which is currently gaining popularity across the country, with its budget-friendly online classes. 


How To Increase Physics Score In NEET? Can I score 180 marks in NEET Physics?

Yes, you can, if you have a proper plan and perspective toward the subject and the preparation. 

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