Global Warming and Its Causes

Global Warming is a phenomenon that has been actively observed across the world, as it is affecting the general climate patterns. This results in the occurrence of extreme weather conditions in many parts of the world. However, the reasons for this phenomenon are multiple, and they are directly related to the practices followed by human beings across many countries. And here in the article below, we will talk about Global Warming and its various causes in much more detail. 

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is defined as the phenomenon which causes a gradual rise in the temperature across the world. Moreover, Global Warming actively has various negative impacts on humans, animals, plants, as well as our surroundings. Although, you must remember that the main cause of Global Warming is the excessive use of fossil fuels in various applications.  

Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming

As stated in the above section, Global Warming has multiple causes, which will be discussed in detail here in this section. Causes such as,  

Man-made Causes

The main reason behind the rise in Global Warming across the world is due to man-made causes, which involve mining, the use of combustion vehicles, electric generating plants, and many more. 

  • Deforestation – With the increase in the demand for more unique furniture, paper, and various other things made from trees, more and more deforestation is happening across the world. 
  • Over Population – Due to the increase in the number of people, in many countries all around the world, the consumption of oxygen present in the air has increased. And due to this, the release of carbon dioxide also increases into the atmosphere, which is one of the causes of global warming. 
  • Agriculture – Although agriculture is very important for the production of food, the use of chemical fertilizers and the release of chemicals into the atmosphere also result in global warming. 
  • Chloro-Floro-Carbons – All refrigerators and air-conditioners, release heavy CFCs into the air, and these appliances are increasingly employed by people across the world due to high temperatures.  
  • Industrial Development – Building new industries is very important for a nation or region to improve their production, and exports, to gain more income. However, with the rise in industrial development, the release of various pollutants into the air is also increasing. 

Natural Causes

Similar to man-made reasons, there are multiple natural causes, which are actively contributing to Global Warming. 

  • Volcanoes – One of the largest contributors to global warming, through the release of ash and smoke, because of eruptions. 
  • Forest Blazes – Because of the increase in temperature, multiple forests are set ablaze every year, which in turn is resulting in Global Warming. 
  • Melting Permafrost – There are multiple environmental gases entrapped under the permafrost, which are being released into the atmosphere, due to the melting. 
  • Water Vapor – Although water vapor is not one of the major causes of global warming, it still plays an active role in the increase in the temperature around the world. 

Effects of Global Warming

Now that you have understood the causes of Global Warming, let us talk about the different effects it has on the atmosphere or surroundings. 

Loss of Natural Habitats 

Global Warming is currently causing the loss of various types of natural habitats across the world, which is further affecting the plants and animals that survive in these habitats. 

Temperature Rise 

One of the most common effects of Global Warming is the rise in temperature around the world, which in turn is causing the melting of glaciers. And this will result in a rise in water levels. Furthermore, this can actively contribute to the loss of coastal regions. 

Increase in Mortality Rates 

Due to the occurrence of various natural calamities as a result of Global Warming, the number of people getting killed during these events is also rising. 

Climatic Imbalance 

In nature, all the regions face a specific types of climatic conditions, to which the flora and fauna in that region are accustomed to. However, because of global warming, there is a change in the occurrence of these climatic conditions, which are disrupting the flora and fauna in those regions. 

Spread of Diseases 

Furthermore, because of the increasing number of climatic activities, and the disruption of ecological habitats, the spread of dangerous diseases across the regions is also on the rise. 

Prevention of Global Warming

In order to prevent the rise of global warming, you can follow certain steps to prevent it, such as,  

  • Avoid Using Combustion Vehicles – It is better for people to start using electric vehicles instead of combustion vehicles, to reduce the release of harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. 
  • Follow the Three R’s – All items we generally use for various purposes in our daily life need to be reused, Repaired, and Recycle, in order to reduce the waste of these materials.  
  • Reduce the use of Automobiles – Scientists suggest that by using public transport and other modes of sustainable transport options, we can greatly reduce the maximum release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. 
  • Use Renewable Source of Energy – Instead of using common sources of energy for various purposes, it is better we switched to renewable sources. For instance, using solar power, wind, and other renewable power sources to power your home. 
  • Reduce Food Waste and Water Waste – It is important for us to avoid wasting water and food resources recklessly, as it has adverse effects on the environment as a whole, contributing to global warming. 


Global Warming is a growing phenomenon, that has various adverse effects on the atmosphere and surroundings, which we have discussed in detail above. Besides this, we also provided a comprehensive description of the causes of global warming, and the preventive measures one can take against it. Moreover, if you have any other troubling chapters on this subject, then it would be a good idea for you to join the Online Interactive Classes offered by Tutoroot. Mainly because these classes and expert staff guidance will help you understand each chapter and complex topic more easily, to get better scores in the examinations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Define Global Warming? 

The long-term shifts in the temperature and the sudden changes in the climate patterns observed all over the world are defined as Global Warming.  

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