Guide to Better Sleeping Habits in Children – How to Set a Routine?

A good night’s sleep with marks of folds imprinted on your body means that you are about to have an energetic day ahead. Given the distractions surrounding you – from the favorite late-night TV shows to the glued phone screens, you might have trouble inducing a proper sleeping habit.

It helps to hold a dedicated routine for your bedtime to ensure that you are in your best health, both physically and mentally. We have brought to you a few tips that would help nail a nap routine.


Let’s start with a schedule –

What does a typical night schedule of yours look like?

An evening outdoors where you play fetch or go cycling with your friends, come home to a warm bath, jump into comfortable clothes, read a few pages of your favorite book, and hit the light? A night schedule that is calming, relaxing, and fits within the said period can allow your body to get accustomed to the same and have a great night’s sleep!

Time to turn off screens –

We understand that the screens are tempting – there are videos to watch, game levels to complete, or just tap away at the screen until your eye grows tired. But these will not allow you to fall asleep at ease. It is advised to turn away from the screens at least an hour or two before your bedtime.

Create a calming environment –

Ensure that you set the ambiance for comfortable sleeping by keeping the room temperature in the right setting with dim lighting. A quiet, dark, and cold space is a perfect way to fall asleep real quick. If you are afraid of dark, choose a night light that keeps you company.

Have a great day –

Another important pointer that can help with your sleep routine is to keep your day active and productive. We encourage you to go out and get as much natural light as possible and sweat it out, in any way you deem fit. A fun, well-spent day will allow you to sleep like a baby, literally!

It is important to take care of yourself, and the most vital part of it is to get enough rest in the night to spend your day well. The last thing you want is to drag yourself all day with a continued urge to sleep. While following a routine is difficult initially, we promise that it will be fruitful (like the treasure you get when you clear a level in the game).

Sleep tight!

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