How to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication in Your School

In today’s digital era, it is easy for people to get disconnected from each other. Parent-teacher communication has fallen prey to the same. To maintain a healthy parent-teacher chain of communication and ensure the holistic development of the child, communication between teachers and parents should be seamless.


The Academic Experts at Tutoroot highlight some key factors that influence the relationship between parents and teachers.

Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere

Any human being with a warm way of communication seems approachable and easy to talk to. The same should be practised by both parents and teachers alike. This will create a safe and comfortable environment for both parties to communicate effectively. 

Communicate frequently

Communication should be done in short and simple ways, over a period of time. This will help in preventing a sense of alarm in the parent’s minds whenever they receive your message. 

Acknowledge the parents’ involvement

Acknowledging a parent’s involvement in their child’s scholastic activities will encourage them to participate more often. Higher participation will lead to better communication among all the stakeholders involved.

Respect confidentiality 

The basic block of effective communication is a lack of trust among the people involved. Teachers should maintain confidentiality on the topics being discussed with the parents. Maintaining confidentiality will help instill a sense of trust in the parent’s mind.

Ask and listen

Asking the parents about their views and listening attentively to their feedback makes them feel valued. This goes a long way in creating a healthy environment for discussion about the student as well as other aspects of life.

Communicate in a manner the parent understands

Communication differs from person to person. So, to communicate properly, converse with parents in a manner that provides them with perfect clarity about the issues at hand.


Both teachers and parents should work in harmony to ensure communication is carried off effectively without any hassle so that the student is the ultimate beneficiary.


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