Inculcating the Habit of Reading: Tips for the Online Era

Inculcating_the_Habit_of_Reading_Tips_for_the_Online_Era.Most of us find some just excruciatingly difficult and others, relatively easy. Alternate between difficult and easy subjects. Spend two hours on a difficult subject and then an hour on a simple subject. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident. Additionally, you can also create a timetable and study difficult subjects 3 days of the week.

Here are 3 ways in which you can inculcate the reading habit in children

  1. Start Early Start Young Start reading to your little one as early as possible. This will enable them to develop a connection with books. Read out bedtime stories from picture books to help them visualize. If your child like to feel objects, Sensory books that include simple textual material and objects in different textures are a great option. Starting young also helps you and your loved one bond over a mutual love for books and gets them interested in reading by building a lasting lifelong habit, one that your child will definitely thank you for.
  2. Set an Example: Read in Front of the Children: Children love to copy and emulate their favorite adults. If you want your child to read, set an example by reading with them. Have a specific time (say 30 minutes or an hour) set aside everyday specifically for reading. Give your child suggestions and ask them about what they liked in the book. As your child grows older, ask them for their suggestions and scout for books in-tune with their favorite genres. Ensure that you buy books with standard language and accurate information to enable your child to acquire knowledge as they read.
  3. Help Them Find Like Minded Peers: Book Clubs or Journal Clubs are a great place for kids to bond over and further develop their love for reading. Enroll your little one in one of them to help them connect with others who love reading too. That way, they will be able to get suggestions about good reads from people at their own age group and enable them to build their collection of books. Biweekly or monthly online book clubs are suitable for school-going kids. In addition to the aforementioned tips, incentivize reading for your kids by making reading an enjoyable process, rather than a chore. Watch them blossom into bookworms who know visualize the world through the power of imagination and books.

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