Know Your Teacher: Common Teacher Types In School


The teacher-student interactions are a major part of everyone’s school life memories. Our beloved gurus have different styles and attitudes to education, but what about the specific archetypes they conform to?

This blog post of Tutoroot will help you identify any of your favourite teachers in these classifications.

Teacher Types In School

  1. The Senior Scholar: This professor is always a delight to discuss concepts by even using external the course content. Their sheer wisdom makes them the apple of all the students’ eyes and their lectures are popular with students. They may not have the same energy levels for teaching and handling a class as before, but their passion burns just as bright as always.
  2. The Story Time Specialist: With this teacher in class, students are always in for interactive learning sessions. They are masters at keeping the class engaged in the subject through captivating tales.
  3. The Disciplinarian: Students under this teacher never step out of line. They manage the classroom with an iron fist and ensure that lessons proceed in perfect order.
  4. The Stickler: These teachers believe in following the rules to the T. They play by the rules, stick to the script with the curriculum, and don’t deviate from it in the slightest. Don’t rock the boat is their dictum.
  5. The Mentor: A teacher who’s also a great confidant for every student, and gives the best life advice. A great motivator and one who leaves an impression of a lifetime.
  6. The Mystery: You always see this teacher in the staff room or in the hallways, but no student knows what class they take!
  7. The Chill Prof: Every student’s favourite. Their classes are synonymous with fun, and time flies in their lectures. Their classes don’t look and sound like a class.
  8. The Analyst: The teacher who goes above and beyond to explain the course content. Their classes always keep students on their toes! Lots of interactive activity, graphs and digital content.

Which of these teacher types is your favourite?

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