NEET 1 on 1 Online Classes for 8th Standard


Tutoroot’s 1 on 1 NEET online coaching is the best online class for NEET across the Hyderabad town. The 1 on 1 online coaching is the special feature of the tutoroot where only 1 student is being coached under a tutor.
Tutor observes the student performance personally and helps to boost the student preparation for upcoming NEET Examination.
Note: Class 8 NEET online coaching is mandatory for the aspirants to start their early preparation.


NEET Coaching Online – What we at Tutoroot Offer?

Tutoroot 1 on 1 online coaching provides numerous facilities to the students, who enroll in their coaching.
The list of offerings are noted down below go through it:

  • One on one online interactive classes.
  • Adaptive courseware.
  • Mentoring program.
  • Personalized coaching.
  • Playback recording of past classes.
  • Online counselling session.
  • Revision classes.
  • Personalized study materials.
  • Concept based learning.

What to look for while choosing a Coaching Institute?

  • Firstly, how the syllabus is being taught and design of the courseware has to be observed.
  • The concept based learning approach is inculcated in the student or not.
  • Check on whether they appoint experienced and qualified faculty.
  • Provisions like study materials, previous year question papers are provided or not.
  • Pastly taught video recordings availability. 
  • Lastly, problem solving sessions and time management strategies are to be looked after while choosing a coaching institute.

Who is the teaching Faculty?

At tutoroot we appoint the qualified faculty from the top most IIT universities who have 15+ years of experience in online teaching platforms.

  • Physics and chemistry are taught by the top IITIANs.
    Biology (Zoology and Botany) are taught by the tutors who are qualified from the top universities and institutes of India in MSc.

Track Record

  1. Tutoroot covered 8936+ 1 on 1 online coaching sessions till date which is a good milestone. Best NEET online coaching is observed at tutoroot.
    The student can get coaching on ANY SUBJECT, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE which is really a great benefit to the student provided by tutoroot.
    The child can have a seamless class with their faculty by seating at the comfort of their home.
    The mentor guidance provides a helping hand to the student which is observed as the best achievement of tutoroot.
  2. The other track records are feedback from the Tutoroot students. Have a glance over it.
    Hi there, I’m Vidhi. I have been taking classes from Tutoroot for a while now and they have been beyond helpful. I have taken classes for Chemistry with Tutoroot and teaching and support has been great. Teachers make a clear effort to understand the student and genuinely care about everything we discuss. Teachers take real life examples and make everything more interesting. The sessions were always set up at convenient times and never disappointed. It was great. Thank you.
  3. Hello I am Akshara, studying in class 9th. I had taken 8th grade classes from Tutoroot. I had attended a Tutoroot demo and opted for classes. I had limited time for my final exam preparation for which Tutoroot classes have helped me with good preparation and support. This helped me obtaining A+ grade in my final exams. Thank you.

Availability of assistance

Counselors and Guides at tutoroot are generous enough to assist you in all your queries and enrollment proceedings.
The assistance guides and counselors are available 24/7 on the website to help you.
Just ask your queries, will get back to you in no less time.

Study Material

The study materials provided at tutoroot are personalized materials which include problem solving questions, topic wise explanations and important tips and tricks to crack the examination. The study materials at tutoroot are designed by the experts who are experienced medical professionals and top medical faculty in designing a syllabus study materials which helps the aspirant to boost their grades.

How do we help you Crack NEET?

  1. Tutoroot provides a safe learning environment to the student. The student is made familiar with the syllabus, concept based learning, and also mentor guidance is given to the individual child.
  2. High quality study materials are facilitated to the students who enroll in the course, regular practice on the topics is provided to the individual, previous year question paper analysis is given to the students by the tutor.
  3. At tutoroot we appoint highly experienced faculty who help the students to guide and teach the syllabus by keeping the final NEET exam criteria in concern.

Tutoroot has the best courseware which helps the aspirants to crack the NEET exam. The best 1 on 1 online coaching of tutoroot has a whole combination of all the advantageous course packages a aspirant requires to excel in the exam. For more information on 1 on 1 online classes.


To achieve the great results enroll yourself in tutoroot’s class 8 NEET online coaching. Start your early preparation from tutoroot’s 1 on 1 online classes to top your exam results.
Tutoroot’s NEET online coaching is the best online coaching across the Hyderabad town which helps the aspirants to achieve best grades.


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