Painkillers, Fans May Lead to Heatstroke

Hyderabad: With the temperatures rising steadily, city hospitals have been receiving numerous cases pertaining to heat-related ailments like cramps and exhaustion, sunstrokes and heat strokes.


 The normally busy Asifnagar road at Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad looks deserted at noon due to rising temperature on Wednesday. (R.Pavan/DC)

In light of this, doctors have revealed some lesser known causes of such ailments. Sitting under a fan running full blast for a long time or taking pain killers can be causes.

Dr G. Navodaya, consultant, general medicine, CARE Hospitals, said “Even sitting under a fast fan that is blowing hot air can cause heat related ailments. In such a case, the patient may get dehydrated without even realising it. Eve painkillers can cause dehydration.”

Dr Navodaya said no cases of heat stroke or sunstroke have been reported yet at the hospital, but patients had reported cramps and exhaustion caused by excess heat.

Dr Maneendra, senior consultant and HOD, critical care medicine, Gleneagles Global Hospital, said the hospital gets many cases of heat strokes and kidney stones during hot months of April and May every year. However, he says that more than the high temperature, it is the duration of exposure and type of work being done that are bigger factors.

The hospital recently had an elderly, diabetic patient with a temperature of 102-103 degrees Fahrenheit and altered sensorium (general changes in brain function), which had caused sudden onset of confusion. When no infection was detected, his condition was diagnosed as heat exhaustion. Dr Maneendra added that diabetic patients were at a higher risk of heat related ailments. “If sugars are not properly controlled, their blood becomes thicker and increases chances of dehydration,.” he said.

Dr J. Anish Anand, consultant, internal medicine, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, said the hospitals had just started receiving cases of heat stroke. “Other heat related conditions reported by patients include skin dryness, headaches, tiredness, dizziness, asthma attacks and sun burns,” he said.

Source: DC

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