16 Effective Tips for the Preparation of IIT JEE at Home

Most of the Engineering aspirants who are interested to crack IIT-JEE exams always have this question with them – “What is the best way for the preparation of IIT-JEE at home ?”

To get seats and admissions in top most IIT colleges you need to qualify in the IIT-JEE exam which has 2 stage exams that are JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.


As IIT-JEE is one of the toughest entrance examinations compared to all other exams. It is important for Engineering aspirants to follow a proper schedule and prepare accordingly. As, the aspirant has made the big decision of preparing at home without any guide or enrolling into any of the coaching classes. He /she should now be very keen on their preparation schedule. These are some helpful tips where an aspirant can effectively prepare for IIT-JEE at home.

Below are some helpful tips where an aspirant can effectively prepare for IIT-JEE at home.

  1. Purchase required books for JEE Preparation
    Before starting your preparation the first step for preparation is collection of books.Collect all the required books and do some background research on what books are important and what are unimportant. So that you can be clear regarding which all topics to be studied from which books.
  2.  Make a study schedule
    Prepare a timetable where you can give equal importance to all the subjects. Studying one day and sleeping the other day is not useful at all. All the subjects in IIT-JEE need consistency. You have to study the subjects with consistency to achieve this consistency you need to create a study schedule where you will equally divide the time to each subject and each day.
  3. Say no to distractions
    The biggest disadvantage of studying at home is you easily get distracted as there are many distractions such as television, phone, cousins and neighbors. All these things may distract you from your goal. But you need to eliminate all these things and just focus on your preparations to get into IIT-JEE.
  4. Enjoy practicing Physics and chemistry subject
    All the time try to make studies interesting and fun. Study using smart approaches. Work hard but also try to work smarter. Always try to enjoy your work which you are performing. If you start enjoying your work once there’s no going back and you will also be ready to crack your IIT-JEE
  5.  Time management strategies
    Time is the important aspect for any of the entrance exams. Managing your time accordingly is very important here, you will have a hectic syllabus and different subjects to prepare. So to prepare well and crack the exam you need to manage the time and get a balance between studies and other things.
  6. Prioritize preferences to small goals
    Always take smaller steps. As the saying says,“Slow and steady wins the race”. First start with small goals and then later on slowly you can start working on larger goals. As, we know small steps will lead a path to achieve big results. If you focus on small goals first you can easily achieve big results.
  7. Learn the concepts theory wise
    The best advantage of preparing the topics with theory is that at the time of exam you will be aware of what the topic is ? and what are all concepts? you can use it to solve the question which is given in the paper.
  8. Practice problems everyday
    “Practice makes man perfect”. This saying is very opt. to this situation. To crack IIT-JEE you should always keep practicing on the problems and make it a habit. Allot some time to solve the problems everyday because to crack IIT-JEE it will demand a lot of practice in your day to day life.
  9. Don’t feel depressed
    You should never feel depressed if you are unable to solve the questions. Try to go back to that particular concept and understand it in a better way this time.
  10. Don’t try to make assumptions
    Cracking IIT-JEE isn’t that easy. It takes a lot of practice, solving problems and much more. You should never try to delay your work and practice at any cost. Complete the work on time and be serious about your preparation.
  11. Learn with curiosity
    You should always be curious to learn things. Resolve all your queries and doubts. Don’t be shy to clarify your silly doubts with your concerned teacher. If you still don’t understand after explaining the topic once, try to ask it again and again till you get clarified on that particular topic.
  12. Revise the syllabus most often
    Keep revising the topics at every end of the day so that you will remember it better when you start tomorrow’s practice. It would be easy to solve the other problems.
  13. Assess your performance with taking tests
    Involve yourself in regular tests. Practice the tests according to the IIT-JEE pattern itself allot a time bound to the test which you are conducting to yourself on your own and accordingly assess your performance compare it on daily bases how was your previous and present performance.
  14. Be aware on exam pattern and exam solving tricks
    Time management is an important concept to crack the IIT-JEE exam. The exam pattern of IIT-JEE has time bound to it. You are supposed to solve the paper in given time only. So to get accustomed to it you should start practicing in prior work on your speed and accuracy allot particular time to each section and try to solve it in that particularly allotted time.
  15. Don’t panic; Stay calm and compose
    It’s natural to feel nervous at exams but you should try to avoid being nervous and try to stay focused, calm and positive. These will help you solve the problems properly and you will be good at cracking the exam.
  16. Follow a balanced diet and acquire good sleep
    “Health is wealth”. If you eat healthy and sleep well you can perform well in all the activities. There are many advantages to it you can focus well, feel energetic, improve your ability to remember things better, relax your brain.


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  1. It’s great to see a list of 16 effective tips for preparing for the IIT JEE at home. The IIT JEE is a highly competitive exam, and it’s important for students to have a strong plan in place in order to succeed. These tips provide a helpful roadmap for students who are planning to study for the IIT JEE from home, and I’m sure they will be valuable for those who are looking to make the most of their time and resources. Whether it’s setting clear goals, finding a quiet and distraction-free study space, or seeking out additional resources and support, these tips will help students stay focused and motivated as they work towards their goals. I hope that these tips will be useful for students as they embark on their journey to prepare for the IIT JEE.

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