Socializing during Lockdown – Top 5 Online Games to Play with your Friends

Wondering how to pass the time during this never-ending lockdown phase?

Online games are your window to having an amazing time with your friends. But the thing is – game options out there are immense. You would want to choose the best of games to have a gala time on your game night!


We have skimmed through the most interesting of concepts to bring you a list of super cool games. Put on your party hat, grab some snacks, and have an amazing time with your friends by choosing one (or many) games from the list!

  • Psych!

You have another chance to bamboozle your friends!

Pick a fake card to the real trivia questions available. If you pick the right answer to the trivia question, you get a point. If you trick your friends into choosing the fake card you hold, you score a point as well.

Simple but fun, right? Grab a friend, download the app, and get psyched!

  • Best Fiends Star

How does a treasure hunt plus fascinating puzzles sound?

The game challenges the team, so you can blast your way through a string of explosive puzzles! Treasure hunt and race with your friends to collect as many fallen treasures as possible before they are grabbed by the slimy slugs!

  • Plato

Quick, think and name a multiplayer game that has taken up many hours of your day.

Plato has a classic collection of over 30 game options that include UNO, Ludo, Battleship, and other popular card and physical games, replicated digitally!

You can play with up to 100 friends and chat at the same time. Why stick to one option when you can play many?

  • Just Dance 2020

How does Dancing off with friends sound?

Ubisoft’s Just Dance is a fun and exciting game where a popular song plays as you can dance like nobody’s watching! What’s the game in it, you ask?

You will hold scores based on your super cool dance moves and get to compete with your friends! The game is all thumbs up – you get to sweat it, dance it while making a game out of it.

  • Spyfall

Time to bring the Sherlock Holmes out of you. Grab your Watson (s) and live out your spy fantasies by solving the task at hand with Cluedo (or clues) available. The detective is chosen at random by the app, and others are moved to a particular location. The players must ask each other questions to figure out who’s the black sheep in the group before the spy narrows in on them!

The list holds options for the adrenaline junkies, trivia geeks, and fantasy sticklers. Choose the games that befit your interest and get to gaming!

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