Top 10 Study Tips to Crack NEET Exam in First Attempt

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate (UG). Which is the all India Pre-Medical test exam taken by the medical aspirants to get admissions in the medical colleges and universities.
Every year many students appear for the NEET exam, which creates a lot of pressure and makes it very difficult for students to qualify for NEET in the 1st attempt. But cracking NEET in 1st attempt is not that tough as per many of them assume it to be tough.
Many of them have these questions in their mind like how to crack NEET, is NEET tough, is it easy to crack NEET, NEET preparation tips and many other questions. Hopefully all these questions will be clarified in this blog. Keep going, don’t miss reading it!!

Is it Possible to Crack NEET 2022 in First Attempt?

Many of the aspirants have this question in their mind. The answer is Yes, you can crack the NEET 2022 in your 1st attempt itself. If you are still in dilemma. Follow the below given 10 study tips which will clear your thoughts on this query and will also help you in your further preparations.

10 Study Tips to Crack NEET

Here you will find out how to score better in the NEET exam and some useful tips to crack NEET Exam in 1st attempt. Have a look over it

  1. Make a study schedule to complete the NEET syllabus in time
    Study schedule is the basic and important thing the aspirant should maintain. Draft a proper study timetable and you are good to go for further steps.
  2. Learn new concepts from different sources: to do this you need to have an open mind
    Learn concepts from different study materials, sources, books if you don’t understand from the pre-existing sources. For this you need to have an open mind and grasp the content accordingly.
  3. Keep on solving the difficult questions, take practice tests
    Always take practice tests as part of your preparations. This will help you to know where you stand in your preparations.
  4. Don’t try to relax at the time of studying
    Assign particular time for your preparations. Don’t try to relax when you are preparing.
  5. Follow a routine of writing or making small notes will studying
    Writing concepts on papers will help you to remember the concepts well.
  6. Prepare for the tough topics at 1st and later on move towards easy topics
    All your concentration should be on your preparations. That is you need to prepare the tough topics in the beginning and then later move your preparations towards the easy topics.
  7. Always try to take advice from the qualified and experienced aspirants
    Take advice from the people who qualified their exam. Try to clear all your doubts related to preparations, exam, topics etc. This advice will be useful for you at the time of your exam.
  8. Set a goal and follow it
    Set a goal like how many marks you want to achieve or till which date your preparation should end. Like setting long term and short term goals should be your priority. After setting it you should also work hard to achieve it.
  9. Mostly prepare from NCERT Books
    NCERT books are the best books to prepare for the NEET. This is also suggested by the aspirants who cracked their exams.
  10. Take mock tests
    Attending Mock tests will help you a lot in your preparations. Mock tests are exactly designed as your final exams to make the aspirants aware of how the final exam is conducted and attempted.

How to Crack NEET 2022 in the First Attempt?

This is the frequent question most aspirants get before giving their exam. Don’t worry this blog will help you in solving this query. Come let us look into it briefly.

  1. Read the chapters thoroughly
    Don’t skip any of the chapters or any of the single topics. Learn all the topics in detail. Read the chapters as many times as you can.
  2. Join online coaching
    Online coaching classes will help you to save time and also you can prepare the syllabus by sitting at the comfort of your home itself.
  3. Identify your weak areas and prepare thoroughly
    Identify your weak areas from your preparation. After identifying the weak areas, start working on it and prepare accordingly.
  4. Select good preparation books
    Preparation books play a vital role to crack the NEET. So choose it wisely, The most advised books are NCERT books. The questions in the exam paper will appear from NCERT books itself. So prepare from NCERT books 1st and later on refer to other study materials.
  5. Best study timetable
    The best study timetable for Medical aspirants is mentioned below. Have a glance over it.


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