Top 10 Things to Avoid in NEET Preparation

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is a very important exam for candidates who are aspiring to careers in the medical field, as it helps students to join various medical courses, such as MBBS, BUMS, BAMS, etc. Not just that, it is also one of the toughest entrance examinations right now, as more than 18 lakh students took the exam this year. So, the applicants must study very hard, and they must avoid certain aspects while preparing for this entrance test, which we are going to talk about in much more detail below.

Things To Avoid During NEET Preparation


Many students often multitask daily, which in turn will become a habit in the long turn. This is not beneficial, especially during NEET preparation, because this entrance exam includes a vast syllabus involving complex topics, which cannot be learned or memorized half-heartedly. Instead, the students must re-memorize the topics multiple times during the NEET study.

Long Study Hours

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Students believe that if they prepare for the NEET exam for long hours, then they can easily cover most of the topics, and understand the complex syllabus easily. However, that is not the case according to experts, who suggest that the long study hours increase fatigue, which in turn will affect the focus of the students. This is why we suggest the students take short breaks in between the study hours, to prepare better for the NEET exam.

Quantity Over Quality

There is a common myth, that it is better to cover a lot of books while preparing for NEET. This is not always true, especially for the NEET exam. There is a constant update of the syllabus every year, and students must stay updated with the new syllabus. It’s better for the students to prepare from material provided by coaching institutes including the popular NEET preparation and tutoring platform like Tutoroot.

Excessive TV and Social Media

Spending a lot of time on social media and watching TV is one of the most common mistakes during NEET preparation. This can be very distracting for NEET applicants, which in turn might affect their focus and preparation. It is advised that applicants spend less time on social media or watching TV during NEET study.

Procrastination And Inconsistency

Procrastination is a common habit for many people in their daily lives, but it might not be very beneficial for the individuals who are preparing for the NEET exam. The syllabus for this NEET exam is vast, and delays will end up affecting their performance and subsequently their rank. Similarly, consistency while studying for the NEET exam is also quite important. So, we suggest the students follow a study schedule or a plan during NEET preparation.

Prioritizing One Subject

Individuals who are preparing for the NEET exam often consider Biology as their main subject. At the same time, they neglect other subjects such as Chemistry and Physics that are equally important. This strategy will not help, even though Biology might help them crack NEET. If you want to join the top medical institutions in the country, you should avoid prioritizing one subject over another.

Underestimating Basics

Basics are a very important part of the NEET preparation as it helps students understand the concepts much better. Many students often tend to neglect the basics and focus more on the concepts. It’s important that students spend more time on basics, before moving on to the concepts while preparing for NEET.

Avoid Negative Marking

If you have attended the NEET exam before, then you must be quite familiar with the consequences of negative marking. Some students try to answer questions through guesswork. This process should be avoided while answering the mock tests in the process of preparing for the NEET exam so that it does not become a habit. Negative marking will affect the scores of the students, which in turn will impact their rank.

Not Taking Breaks and Making No Time for Hobbies

When preparing for the NEET exam, the students must take enough breaks in between and have some time for their hobbies. This will help students stay relaxed and focused. It’s good to take a walk or jog so that the mind and body stay healthy.

Unhealthy Food & Snacks

NEET is a very tough exam and 66% of the people who attended this examination last year were able to qualify or get pass marks. This in turn usually increases the stress on the students who are preparing to attend this exam, and eventually, they are tempted to eat at odd times and consume junk food and snacks. This habit will affect the health of students and impact their preparation for the exam.


The do’s and Don’ts listed above will help the students while they are preparing for the NEET examination. Staying clear-headed, stress-free, and healthy is one half of the battle, while the other is studying systematically, with short breaks, factored in. So if you are one of these people who are preparing for NEET, please check out the Online Interactive Classes offered by Tutoroot Platform, as they come with various unique benefits for the students.

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