8 best study tips to master chemistry for IIT JEE

NTA conducts JEE Main 2021 twice a year in an online-only format. A candidate must be aware that JEE Main 2021 is the first hurdle that must be overcome to appear in and qualify for the next level, JEE Advanced, to gain admission to an IIT.


Here are some helpful JEE Main 2021 chemistry preparation suggestions for the chemistry subject and the entire exam.

  1. Don’t clog up your study space with books : Try to be as organised as possible as it will help you provide mental clarity and increase the productivity of your study sessions.

    If a revision is required, the student can return to that precise topic in that particular book and complete it right away.
  2. Begin your JEE Main preparation as soon as possible : JEE Main 2021 is a challenging exam, and incomplete preparation increases the chances of failing. As a result, students must prepare thoroughly to succeed. And, in essence, preparing properly entails preparing early.

    As early starters, pupils will have more time to fine-tune their preparation if the track is lost for any reason. If a student is falling behind in a particular portion or topic, there will be enough time to determine whether coaching or another sort of intervention is required.

    They will keep things under control and not worry as exam day approaches if they have enough time to prepare, presuming they read and practise harder issues.
  3. Read and use recommended books : Purchase books that are simple and easy to read and thoroughly go over each subject of the curriculum. To help to understand concepts, books use numerous illustrations and examples. They also make fewer errors and make fewer vague statements. 
  4. Go through NCERT Chemistry Books: NCERT Chemistry books alone are insufficient to answer all of the questions posed in JEE Main Chemistry. Students must read additional books and a comprehensive JEE Main Chemistry preparation.

    Another important aspect is that they are the most dependable source of information for learning the fundamental ideas of all of the topics included in the syllabus. Students should pay great attention to the highlighted parts and activities in these books since they are crucial to comprehending the fundamental foundations of the topic and pave the way for understanding concepts found in higher-level chemistry publications such as Atkins.

    Practising problems from the NCERT Chemistry Exemplar is also recommended to get the most out of these books.
  5. Maintain a routine: Having a routine helps bring order to the chaos that surrounds JEE Main preparation. A routine can assist in the development of short- and long-term objectives. Daily or weekly goals, such as finishing a given topic or set of challenges, are examples of short-term goals.

    Long-term objectives could include completing the syllabus in a certain amount of time. It is much easy to rate your progress this way. If the learner is falling behind, adjustments to the routine may be necessary.

    Those who don’t want to stick to a schedule might want to check in on their progress now and then to make sure they’re still on track.
  6. Take care of your mental and physical health: Humans do not have an unlimited supply of energy and require rest and refreshment regularly. Otherwise, the body will not respond to challenges in the way that it is supposed to.

    Furthermore, while JEE Main 2021 is a rigorous exam, there is no need for the body to make a superhuman effort to pass it. For example, there is no need to study for 14-15 hours per day; 7-8 hours per day should suffice.

    Get up on time, study for a set amount of time, and go to bed on time. The end outcome will be satisfactory!
  7. Practice last year’s question papers: Mistakes made on particular days are more costly than mistakes made on other days. When solving a prior year’s question paper, make mistakes if you want to stay positive. However, making the same error on exam day could be a dangerous game.

    To avoid this destiny, spend as much time as possible practising previous year’s exam papers. It will educate time management, identify areas where foolish errors occur, and familiarise you with the JEE Main exam structure.

    Furthermore, if recent question papers are solved, there is a good likelihood that specific questions will be repeated. If this occurs, you can receive some free points!
  8. Keep speed and accuracy in mind while practising for JEE exam: The final JEE Main 2021 Chemistry preparation advice is about putting what you’ve learned into practice.

    Check whether the issues can be solved and all of the questions can be answered within the time limit when practising question papers or taking a mock test. If the student’s time runs out and they are still stuck on half a dozen questions, it’s a hint that speed has to be improved.

To do well in chemistry, you must improve your response strike rate. Mistakes can be minimised by clarifying concepts and performing problem-solving exercises.

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