Best Tips for a Perfect Study Space

Online Learning has become the new norm and with it, many students are choosing online classes over the traditional ones, as they offer numerous benefits. As we move to the online space, certain aspects must be kept in mind.

One of these is developing a perfect study space, where one can sit and study for hours without any distractions. Thus, to help you out, here are some tips on how to make the best tips to make a perfect study space.

Privacy and Comfort

One of the prime factors to be looked up when studying from home is ensuring privacy, and that is a tough task. While studying it’s easy to get distracted by sounds emanating from within and from outside. When talking about distractions, make sure when you enter the study space, your smartphone is in silent mode or switched off. Besides this, the individuals should also make sure that their study space is comfortable so that they can keep on studying or attending online classes for long hours.

Good Lighting

Best Tips for a Perfect Study Space

Good Lighting is one of the key study room requirements, as it allows individuals to maintain their productivity while studying or attending online classes. And when the lighting is not good, the students might find it hard to study, as it will affect their focus and cause distractions. Besides, based on the study position or the desk you choose make sure you have sufficient lighting illuminating your book or in case of online classes your laptop/Desktop.

Keep it Clean

According to scientific reports, the use of pleasant room fresheners does boost the productivity of students, especially while studying. Also ensure that the study room, especially the table is always clutter-free and tidy. A messed-up table and room is not a pleasant sight and will end up impacting the mood of the students.

Control Noise

Noise affects a student’s attention and focus, especially when they are attending online classes or studying. To improve the productivity in the study place, the noise levels should be less or none at all. Besides, higher noise levels are also not good for the individual’s health. So, keeping these requirements in mind, the individuals must find a study place, where the noise pollution is less. In addition to this, they must avoid bringing any noise-producing devices into this place, like speakers. A good quality headphone will help keep the sounds out.

Keeping A Timer Around Study Desk

Another major aspect that one must consider while maintaining a study desk or place is having a timer nearby. This helps a student find out how much time they have spent covering each subject and topic and ensures better time management. Timing their study hours will also help students to take small breaks in between classes and refresh one’s minds.

Keep books at hand

Students often end up leaving their books in their studies, all over the place. When looking for a particular subject, one often spends a lot of productive time looking for these books. Keep books, and subjects wise in a labeled format. Loose sheets should be kept in a file, again, subject-wise. When you are attending online classes, ensure that you take notes in a logical manner, with the dateline written down.

Which Time is Best for Study?

According to experts and multiple reports published recently, the best time to study is between 2 pm to 5 pm. While this is recommended, students can choose a time slot of their choice, that they are comfortable with and can ensure that their body clock does not suffer.


Study time can be a pleasant experience or a terrible one, depending on how one uses their available time, productively. While the atmosphere and environment play an important role, it should be emphasized that logical thinking and time management are essential to ensure that there is a systematic method of learning. So, if you think it is better for you to have online coaching, then the Home Tutor Online program offered by Tutoroot might be of interest to you, as they can help you understand the topics easily while making sure you get the best scores in the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Time is Best for Study?

According to the experts and multiple reports published recently, the time period between 2 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon is the best time for studying, as, during this time, the students can grasp topics more easily and effectively.

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