Best Ways to Make Notes for IIT-JEE Preparation

The IIT JEE is the most important entrance examination for students who are aspiring to careers in engineering and other related fields. If you are one of these young aspirants preparing for the IIT JEE exam, then you should know taking notes to play an important role in the candidate’s preparation for the IIT JEE exam. It helps students to understand the major topics and chapters with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in. Here are some steps to follow for making the Best Notes for your IIT-JEE Preparation. 

Best Way to Make Notes in IIT-JEE Preparation

Now that you have understood the importance of notes for the IIT-JEE Preparation. Let us talk about the different tips and tricks in much more detail in this section. 

Make Notes in Your Own Style

It is not the best way to follow or refer to the notes made by others or those available online. Making notes in your own style will help you understand the topics and concepts more distinctly and easily. This is not possible, if you study from others’ notes, as you might often end up getting confused trying to understand certain topics. So, it is always better to follow your own style while making notes for each subject involved in the IIT JEE Syllabus. 

Best Ways to Make Notes for IIT-JEE Preparation

Make sure you use Different Color Pens  

There are multiple topics and formulas involved in each subject in the syllabus of the IIT JEE examination. Each topic and formula have different weightage and importance based on chapters in the subject. So, in order to differentiate the topics and subtopics easily, it is better to use different colored pens. Also, it will help you mark the individual topics and formulas based on their importance and the number of questions asked from the said topic. 

Don’t Forget to Use Memory Maps

Not many people consider this aspect while preparing for IIT-JEE Exam, but it is equally important. As the memory map allows students to memorize each topic in order and understand them more easily. Moreover, memory maps allow candidates to distinguish each topic and chapter included in the syllabus based on its importance, so students can spend more time on them. Moreover, it ensures that the candidate will not forget anything important while attending the exam. 

Try to Use Shortcuts

When you are going through a lot of syllabus in a very short time while preparing for IIT JEE, it is important to know certain shortcuts on how to reduce the number of steps involved in finding an answer as it makes the process easier and simpler. Furthermore, as students continue to work on large topics and chapters, they should obtain more and more shortcuts. Also need to make note of these shortcuts and use them while practicing for IIT JEE mock tests so that you will get to use them while attending the main exam. 

Revise it Every Day

It is not very easy to understand the complex topics in each subject, but by reading them once or twice, you can understand them. For this process, students must first find out their weak topics and chapters in each subject, then focus on revising them every day. In addition to this, students must add these revision periods to their daily schedules to remember and grasp each topic and chapter on the very same day. Also, continue the revision of all the previous topics before moving on to the new topic. 


In the above article, we have talked about different methods or steps one can take to make the best notes for the IIT-JEE Preparation. If you are interested in finding more new tips and tricks that help your IIT JEE preparation, then do visit the Tutoroot Blogs to learn more. 

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