How To Prepare Organic Chemistry For NEET?

If you are preparing for the NEET exam, then you might be quite familiar with the Organic Chemistry Chapter in the Chemistry Subject, as it is one of the hardest chapters with multiple complex topics that are very hard to memorize. More often, you spend most of your time trying to understand these topics while preparing for NEET chemistry. Therefore, to help you, we put together some tips and tricks that can help you master organic chemistry. 

Tips and Tricks to Prepare for NEET Organic Chemistry

Here in this section, we will list the tips and tricks the NEET aspirants can make use to improve their knowledge and performance in Organic Chemistry. 

Focus on Basics

Like any other chapter in the NEET syllabus, the students must first focus on learning the basic concepts of the chapters. Once you learned quite a knowledge of the basics, you will have a strong foundation in the topic. Which in turn will help you grasp all the topics included in the chapter more easily. Because of this, we suggest that NEET aspirants spend more time on the basics before progressing to the sub-topics. 

Concentrate on Understanding Rather Than Memorization

Many people who are preparing for the NEET exam often consider memorizing the topics instead of understanding them. It should be avoided at all times, as you might end up forgetting the topic while attending the exam. In order to avoid this, we suggest you concentrate on understanding each topic in organic chemistry, as it will help you answer the questions effectively during the examination. 

Start Practicing Reactions

In organic Chemistry, the reactions play a vital role, and understanding the reactions is helpful. For this, you must have to spend more time practicing them, again and again, to understand them better. Furthermore, you can also maintain a small notepad to add the different types of reactions and memorize them whenever you want to. This notepad will make sure that you will remember all the different types of reactions and how they are formed. 

Spend More Time with High-Weightage Chapters

When you are going through the syllabus for the Chemistry Subject during NEET preparation, you will be able to find out the total weightage of each chapter and the potential number of questions from the chapter. So, while studying Organic Chemistry, students should concentrate more on the high-weightage chapters. So that you can score more marks on this complex or tough topic. However, once you are confident that you can answer the questions from high-weightage chapters, then focus on other topics. 

Attend Classes Regularly

If you are a student, who is currently in school, then you can make use of the online interactive classes offered by the Tutoroot platform. However, you must attend the classes regularly so that you don’t miss out on any important topics or chapters. Furthermore, attending classes regularly means you can clarify your doubts then and there. If you are an 11th-class or 12th-class student, then focus more on attending the regular classes, as the syllabus is the same as the NEET exam because of the standard NCERT books. 

Solve Previous Question Papers

 When you are preparing for a tough chapter in NEET Organic Chemistry, you must go through all the previous year’s question papers. This process will help you understand and find out the different types of questions asked in this chapter and how to answer them correctly. Not just that, going through these question papers and solving them will also help you identify the weak and strong areas. Thus, you can effectively take action or spend more time on these topics to improve your weak areas. 


In this article, we provided a comprehensive description of the various tips and tricks to prepare for Organic Chemistry in NEET. However, if you feel like you need a friendly study environment, and certified teachers’ assistance to improve your performance in Organic Chemistry, check out the Online Interactive Classes offered by Tutoroot. Join these classes right now at extremely low prices and get all the answers to your questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Organic Chemistry Hard? 

Yes, Organic Chemistry is considered to be very hard, as it involves a lot of complex topics and reactions, which are very hard to understand and memorize.  

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