How to Prepare Biology for NEET 2024: Tips to Score Maximum Marks

Whether you’re a science person or not a science person, Biology is easily one of those subjects that can be extremely rewarding! While it has many technical concepts that are complex to understand and grasp, planning your syllabus in an organized manner, using the most recently updated study materials, and a little help/guidance from an expert can help you prepare and score well for your biology section of the NEET exam.

Preparing for one of the country’s most extensive medical entrance exams can be a daunting task; however, in today’s world of technology and digital media, many things have changed since. While most things, including education, were put at a halt due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have quickly picked up the pace, and new and upgraded alternatives are now available!


The ability and potential to score well in NEET Biology are way higher than Physics or Chemistry. The reason being, Biology has the highest number of questions and, if prepared well, can be considered a scoring subject. The syllabus for Biology, NEET, are concepts and chapters studied in Science right from 11th and 12th. While the syllabus can be vast and intimidating at first, here are a few tips on how to score maximum marks on your Biology section, NEET, 2024:

5 Best tips to score high in NEET 2024

  1. If you’re planning to self-study, avoid referring to multiple different sources, as it may tend to confuse you. Since NEET covers the NCERT syllabus, you can stick to those book materials for your reference. You can also alternatively join an Online tutoring course These courses are very helpful and beneficial to students, as they have interactive one-on-one learning! The expert faculty available help break down complex topics for you to score well on exam day!
  2. Try and attempt as many challenging practice questions as you can to get a feel of what the exam might feel like. Attempting questions with a greater difficulty level can allow you to get creative with the method of answering.
  3. Gain a thorough understanding of how the syllabus is divided, which topic has more weightage, and the concepts that are harder in terms of application and find the important NEET biology topics.
  4. Since Science is a subject that involves a lot of diagrams, make sure that you are familiarized with the terms and labels, which go on the diagram. It is one of the essential aspects that can add value to your score!
  5. A lot of students have admitted that the botany section has been invariably hard. You can make a list of all the topics you are confident in, so as to focus on them a little later. Interactive classes online help give you unique and personalized learning experiences so that you can enjoy while learning and also receive the attention you need!


Online resources are a great way to fill the learning gap and motivate you to do better! Considering you can take the classes from the comfort of your home is an added bonus! Avoid getting intimidated by the complexity of the subjects for NEET preparation, instead, get started on your prep Online right away so when test day comes, you’re ready to ace the exam!

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