What are the Important Topics of Biology for NEET 2024?

Almost all medical aspirants wish to get a good rank in the NEET exam. It is one of the most competitive exams students have to give after finishing their school to get into medical and AYUSH colleges for further studies after their 12th class.

NEET, also known as the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is a 3-hour exam, and you will have to answer 180 questions from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. A student can score a maximum of 720 marks, and half of that comes from BIology, which makes it a vital subject to prepare.

Since Biology is almost half of the paper, concentrating and focusing on getting this subject right should be your first aim. You can take the help of your teachers, tutors, coaching classes, or an online neet preparation site to help you better prepare for the exam in the limited time you have.

You essentially get a minute to solve a question which means you should be really on point with your basics and NEET Preparation Strategy. In this article, you will find the most important biology topics according to their weightage, depending on the percentage of questions asked in the NEET exam. It will help you priorities your preparation and get more marks in less time. 


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Here is the list of neet important chapters along with their weightage: 

High Priority Percentage Weightage
Human physiology 20%
Genetics & evolution 18%
Reproduction 9%
Cell biology 9%
Ecology 6%
Biotechnology 4%

If you have less time, it is better to study the above important chapters for neet biology, as almost 70% of the paper comes from these areas. 

When you still have time left, you should go for the Moderate Priority topics here :

Moderate Priority Percentage Weightage
Biology in Human welfare 9%
Living world 7%
Structural organisation in plants and animals 5%
Biological classification 3%

Almost 20% of the NEET – Biology question paper is filled with the questions from the moderate priority list, so if you have time, make sure you cover these topics well.

Here is the list of low priority topics concerned with NEET Preparation: 

Low Priority Percentage Weightage
Plant physiology 6%
Plant Kingdom 2%
Animal kingdom 2%

Low Priority topics are the ones that have a lot of material to study, but the relative number of questions you will encounter will be less. Only do these chapters after you are through with moderate and high priority topics. 


Having the right strategy, nutrition, books and a load of practice and dedication will surely help you rank well in your NEET exam. When you have less time, you must cover the chapters that take less time and get more marks in the exam. Ideally, you should study and go through all the important chapters for neet 2024 biology chapters at least once.

Self-studying can be challenging if you are already studying for your 11th and 12th exam. It is hard to be disciplined and follow a schedule, so most people choose to coach classes to prepare for their NEET exam. Coaching Classes are crowded most of the time, and students waste a lot of time travelling, which could be better used. 

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