How Do you Score 360 in NEET Biology?

So, you want to score 360/360 in the biology section of NEET?. Please read this article to know what it takes to get a full score in the biology section.

NEET is held once every year for students interested in joining and studying in medical colleges, dental colleges, AYUSH courses, etc. The number of students competing for the almost fixed number of seats is increasing, which means the competition is tough, and it would help you if you score in subject areas you are confident in. We can score 360 in biology by studying only ncert.



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Most students find biology easy to score as comparatively there are fewer numerical and only knowledge is tested, which means a good memory and lots of practice will go a long way in ensuring your success in the NEET biology section.

The biology section can be divided into the Zoology section and the Botany section; each section is of 180 marks. The other two sections are physics and chemistry, which are also 180 marks each.

Now, let’s see how to score 360 in neet biology 2024. First, you should remember that you will be getting marks for the number of questions you attempt and not the type so solving a hard or easy question will give you the same marks. Use smart techniques, and choose your questions. Make sure you don’t waste time on hard questions. You can first go through the paper and solve all the problems you are sure about to get the marks. And then go to questions you have to think twice about. This will ensure that you don’t leave the marks you could have scored on the table. ncert enough to score 360 in neet biology.

The MCQ-type questions asked in the paper are less about your knowledge and more about your skills while there is a time crunch. The way you manage time and work under pressure is what will determine your success.


5 Successful Tips to Score high in Biology

  1. Go through the Syllabus and make a game plan: The first step of succeeding in anything is believing that you can score 360 in biology. All you have to do is get those 90 questions right. This means you should know what topics are a priority and study them first and extensively while making notes, only refer to helpful books, give lots of practise exams, go through every question paper and devise a strategy that works for you. Developing a process might take time, but once you find what works for you. It will help you give your best in the NEET exam.
  2. Identify and predict important questions and make notes: Studying and understanding every concept of important topics for NEET Biology is neccessary. It is more of how much you remember at the exam time, which means you will be better off if you make loads of notes to help you memorize stuff.
  3. Go through the past year’s question paper and look for patterns: There are times when similar questions are asked time on time in every question paper. You will easily find a pattern if you solve and analyze the past 10+ years’ question paper.
  4. Get books to help you prepare: Many readers will have past year’s question papers with questions organized subject or topic-wise according to your preparation strategy and convenience.
  5. Go through NCERT thoroughly: NCERT books play a vital role in your success as most of the questions are directly or indirectly asked from the NCERT. Questions can be framed from any time present in NCERT, so make sure you go through them carefully. Make sure you don’t forget the summary section and describe the images in the textbooks as NEET test paper makers are notorious for asking majoring of questions from NCERT books.

As long as you give yourself enough time and study and have a strategy and goal in mind. No one can stop you from scoring full marks in the biology section, how to score good marks in neet.

Learning everything on your own can be hectic, which is why most of the students preparing for their NEET exams take the help of various tutors, teachers, coaching centres, and Online NEET Classes. 

Taking the help of Test preparation courses and NEET exam books helps the student reach their goals faster and score well in the exam.


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