How To Prepare for IIT In 3 Months?

IIT JEE is a very important exam for students who are looking for admission into top colleges in the country, such as IIT and MIT. However, the students usually have less than 3 months to prepare as they have to simultaneously study for the Board exam. And not just that, it is one of the hardest exams, involving various complex topics and chapters. This is why less than 30% of people usually qualify for these exams and get a chance to attend the JEE Advanced exam, which in turn will help them get into the Top IIT institutions across the country. 

Way to Crack IIT in 3 Months

Although the JEE Mains exam is very tough, the students who are focused and spend most of their time preparing for the exam can crack the JEE mains within three months. So here in this section, we will list some of the tips and tricks students can follow to pass the IIT exam in just 3 months. 

How To Prepare for IIT In 3 Months?

Prepare a Perfect Plan

In order to crack a tough exam within a small time like 3 months, the aspirants must first make a perfect timetable, which will allow them to use the available time effectively to cover all the important subjects, chapters, and topics in the JEE mains syllabus. Moreover, while making this plan, the candidates must also consider having enough breaks while preparing for the toughest topics in mathematics and physics. Furthermore, include revision periods in this timetable every day so that you can memorize all the chapters for the JEE Mains by the end of the day. 

Taking Mock Tests

When preparing for a very hard exam like JEE Mains, the students must take mock tests frequently to understand the progress in each subject or chapter. More importantly, taking mock tests often helps the candidates to get accumulated to the exam patterns. This will help to improve your ability to answer a large number of questions on multiple topics in a limited time and allows you to find out your weak areas so that you can take active measures to improve.  

Identify the Weightage of Chapter

If you go through the exam pattern for the JEE Mains exam, you would have found out that each chapter has a different weightage, and the number of questions from each chapter also varies. Try to spend some time understanding the weightage of chapters in different subjects, so you can focus more on the high-weightage chapters and score better in the main examination. 

Make Proper Notes and Important Formulae

Proper notes for JEE Main preparation make your job easy to memorize the individual topics whenever you want to. Using these notes, you can access all the important formulae and topics to prepare for the JEE Mains in less time. Also, as you know, the Mains syllabus contains a lot of complex topics that are very hard to remember and can be memorized easily by having proper notes. 

Best Preparation Time Table for IIT

Now that you have understood the tips and tricks on how to crack the JEE mains exam within three months. Let us now talk about the best preparation timetable you can make use of. 

Activity  Time 
6:30 am to 8 am  Wake up, Breakfast 
8 am to 11 am  Focus on important subjects like Physics and Mathematics/Weak Areas 
11 am to 12 pm  Break 
12 pm to 2pm  Chemistry 
2 pm to 4 pm  Lunch & Break 
4 pm to 6 pm  Interested subjects or topics 
6 pm to 8 pm  Dinner & Break 
8 pm to 9 pm   Online Coaching 
9 pm to 10 pm  Break 
10 pm to 11:30 pm  Revision 
11:30 pm  Sleep 


In the above article, we have provided a comprehensive illustration of the different tricks and tips with which you can crack JEE Mains in 3 months. However, if you are not very well versed in these subjects and you want to have expert coaching and guidance. Then you can join the free online interactive classes provided by Tutoroot, it offers various other features such as doubt clarification sessions, chapter rewinds, revisions, and many more. 

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