What are Endemic Species? – Definition, Example, Characteristics 2024

Endemic species are a special kind of species that are very essential for the survival of the surrounding environment. And for all those people who don’t have a good idea about them or if you are interested in learning more about these species. Then you are in the right place, as here in the below article we are going to talk about Endemic Species, their varieties, importance, characteristics, examples, etc. 

What Are Endemic Species? 

Firstly, Endemic Species are defined as a special category of species, which are categorized based on the location of the said species in a particular region. For instance, the species which are generally found only in particular regions across the world are referred to as Endemic species, like the Kiwi birds in the country of New Zealand. Although, due to human settlements and global warming, these species often end up being added to the endangered or extinct list.  

Characteristics of Endemic Species

In the above sections, we have a good understanding of the Endemic Species. Let us now discuss the multiple characteristics of Endemic species in more detail. 

  • Generally, for Endemic Species, the number of species alive or thriving in a set region is limited. 
  • Moreover, the endemic species have a single or two or more geographical regions. 
  • Besides, the genetic differences and variability in the endemic species are generally low. 
  • However, because of their limited number and variety, they are prone to exploitation, which further endangers the species as a whole. 
  • Due to Global Warming, extreme weather events and conditions are multiplying across the world, and they are having a serious impact on the survival of endemic species because of their sensitivity to abrupt changes in the environment or geographical location. 

Examples of Endemic Species

Moving, there is a large number of endemic species across the world, which we are going to talk about briefly here in this section.  

What are Endemic Species? - Definition, Example, Characteristics

Asiatic Lion

When talking about lions, it is often commonly believed that there are only exist in the African continent. However, this is not true, as there exist multiple subspecies including Asiatic lions. Although these species have faced extinction, they are currently sturdily growing in numbers. Moreover, these species are referred to as endemic species, as they are currently existing in small numbers in the Gir Forest of Gujarat.  

Glacier Bear

A unique subspecies of the popular brown and black bears located across the world. These bears have unique with their silver or grey fur and are more commonly found in Alaska. Moreover, currently, these species are very low in number, so it is very rare to come across one, especially in the remote regions of Alaska. However, there is little to no, scientific knowledge about these species’ unique coloration. 


These species are quite popular across the world, as they are generally featured in animations and cartoons, because of their unique size and shape. Besides, these platypi are semi-aquatic mammals and are incredibly friendly. Furthermore, these endemic species are commonly found in the region of Eastern Australia. Although these species were endangered a few years back, there are slowly returning back to the region, due to the conservation efforts by the Australian Government. 

Sclater’s Monkey

One of the rarest endemic species on the planet earth is the Sclater’s Monkey, which has a smaller size, and unique white tuffs covering its face. These species are currently found in swamp-like floodplain regions located in low-lying coastal regions of Nigeria. These rare species are currently said to be very few in number, as there are less than 10 small populations located across the above-mentioned regions. Furthermore, these monkeys are also facing extinction, as they are rapidly losing their numbers because of the increased human population. 

Brookesia Micra

Another unique species of Chameleon is commonly known for its very tiny size, which is less than a fingernail. And similar to other chameleons, these species can also change color. Besides, because of their tiny size and color-changing ability, they are very hard to find, and very little scientific information is known about them and their current members. Currently, these tiny Chameleons are only found on the island of Madagascar. Although, currently in the year 2021, they even found a much smaller Chameleon, known as Brookesia Nana, which also inhabits the Madagascar forests 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are endemic and extinct species?

As stated in the above article, unique species, that are generally found in singular or two geographical regions across the world are called Endemic species. While the species which are already wiped out from the face of the earth are referred to as extinct species. 

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