Right Way to Prepare NEET Physics: Coaching or Self Study

Right_Way_to_Prepare_NEET_Physics_Coaching_or_Self_StudyMedical students are not always keen on studying physics first. Usually, they are more interested in the biology and chemistry sections. As it is what their strong points are while physics can be kind of hard to grasp as there are so many conceptual questions you have to answer, and numerical are a significant part of the physics section. Most of the student preparing for the NEET exam on their own are generally able to manage their biology and chemistry sections as it is more about learning about the concepts, remembering important information, exceptions, names of reactions etc. Many people need coaching when they are preparing for the NEET physics section. Before choosing between Self-Study and NEET Physics Coaching, you can consider the following factors.

Consider the following 4 factors before choosing self study or NEET Coaching

1. Study material and Preparation plan

When you join a coaching institute, you are given the schedule on ys what topics will be covered and specialized notes, syllabus, frequent practice exams, and mock tests.

You will cover all the critical topics and knowledgeable teachers who will help you clear your doubts on the spot while guiding you on how to approach the question paper and solve the questions faster.

When you go for self-study, you might save a lot of money and budget some time for yourself. But you might have to work on getting the best books, learning materials that are not useful and finding out the most critical topics in the NEET Physics exam. Scouting and finding the answers to your doubts can be frustrating when you don’t have a teacher to guide you.

2. Money Spent

When your self-study, you can decrease the cost of getting coaching classes that are very expensive than the value they provide you. Commuting to and from the coaching classes, trying to get your doubts clear, working with many students simultaneously makes attending traditional coaching sessions a less lucrative option.

As a student has to commit a lot of time and money. Suppose you are unable to study on your own.

You can try going for comparatively cheaper but personalized coaching through various Live interactive NEET Classes, which will charge you less as they don’t have to pay for the materials, space, and infrastructure. Plus, you will be able to go back to the lecture and understand what was taught at that particular time.

3. Clearing of Doubts

Studying for NEET Physics is different from looking for biology as there are so many fundamental concepts, and it is hard to understand the numerical and how it’s done. When you are doing your study, you will have to find the solutions on your own through various online and offline resources.

This is why many of the students go to coaching classes to clear their doubts on time through expert faculties present in the coaching center.

4. Motivation and Group Study

When you are studying on your own, you will most likely be preparing without the exposure of other students preparing for the exam.

You will miss out on peer-to-peer advice and exchange of information and notes. Also, it will be hard for you to pace your preparation and compare your level.

If you are self-studying, make sure you join some study group to keep yourself on track and get inspired and motivated while feeling low and pressure.


Whatever track you choose at the end, make sure you take care of your mental health and are dedicated to studying and preparing for your NEET Exam to get great marks.

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