Is it Possible to Crack NEET 2024 with Self-Study?

The national eligibility cum entrance test is an important and vital assessment and acts as a pre-medical test, relevant all over India. It is conducted by the National Testing Agency, which is a transparent body governing the standard of the test. As a student,  preparing for admissions into undergraduate medical courses in good medical institutions becomes a priority. It is essential to understand that quality preparation cannot take place in a fortnight. It takes time, patience, consistent commitment and a religious dedication!


Considering that the syllabus for NEET-UG is quite comprehensive, elaborate and vast, it could be intimidating and challenging. Which is why it is important to set goals in advance and to decide the plan of action in order to rank a high score, giving you entry into your desired medical college! The quality and amount of time given to preparation are the top 2 factors that can determine your results. 

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Quality of Preparation

When I say “quality” preparation, I mean the materials used and the guidance/mentoring taken. While some students require strict training and a constant push, some work well on their own time. Hence, every student must know what works for them the best! This will help improve the quality of NEET preparation and lead to better results!

  • Coaching- Around 60-70% of the student population take rigorous coaching for entrance exams like JEE/NEET from coaching institutes specifically established to train students for these kinds of exams.
  • Self Study for NEET– This method is rather meticulous and time-consuming since you would have to do a lot more research. Finding the right material sources to study and attempting challenging practice questions is easier said than done

However,  since the pandemic emerged, stepping out has become an action to be sceptical and vary. This, inevitably, has changed things around. Students perhaps would feel safer preparing from home and so would parents, knowing that their child is safe and at the same time is not being held back by external factors.

Every student has a different level of understanding, a different level of grasping things and a different method of learning. All these pointers determine how much time it would take to prepare! Normally an average student would take around 6-8 months. This would differ from student to student and the level of training.

In a situation like this, where commuting and travelling outside is not the safest option, taking online interactive classes for NEET is be a useful alternative! Where in, you have lesser worries and more learning! And more FUN learning! Studies suggest that interactive learning, discussion and conversational learning is the best and most effective method of teaching. It drives better results and leaves you with a motivated and determined student! Interactive live courses online are the new-in ever since online learning became a hit with Coursera. It is now easy to see why.

5 Tips to Crack NEET with self-study

  • One on one interactive sessions with highly experienced faculty – Boosts your attention span and allows you to retain information longer than usual.
  • Clear doubts then and there!  Watching a pre-recorded video limits your scope of learning. Virtual adaptive courseware enables you to improve your learning by being able to clear any ambiguity then and there, which if avoided can lead to poor results.
  • Detailed explanations of difficult topics and a full-fledged report of your strengths and weaknesses are exactly what you need in order to correct your mistakes and prepare accordingly.
  • Personalised learning techniques help benefit the students by giving every single student the unique and individual attention they require. This is what is different from learning in a classroom environment. 
  • Playback recordings of already taken classes can further help speed up the revision process- making the student feel fully prepared for the big day!

Get started, get cracking!

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