How to Successfully Prepare for IIT JEE in 1 Year?

Every student who dreams of studying in a good engineering college starts studying for their JEE exam from their 11th class. JEE Mains is one of the most crucial entrance exams which helps the students get into their dream IIT, NIT, and other top engineering institutes.

Only the top students get the college of their choice, which is why the competition is very high to get in the merit and with proper planning and hard work it is possible. 

To be proficient in any topic, you will have to solve many questions about the same concepts and know about the permutations and combinations of ideas that can be asked. Preparing for JEE alone can be challenging as you have to self-study and keep your focus while working with discipline.


You might have to sacrifice your social life – stop spending a lot of time with your friends and family as Many people start very early, and you have a lot of syllabi to catch up on, so if you have only one year left for JEE exam prep.

Use the following 5 steps to prepare for your JEE exam

  1. Prepare your CBSE 11th and 12th class syllabus rigorously: Using NCERT textbooks for JEE Mains helps build and test your basic preparation level. It gives you a solid foundation to work on. You can start by understanding every single concept present in the book.
  2. Improve your problem-solving skills and learn helpful test-taking techniques: Problem-solving is a huge part of your JEE exam. The questions are intentionally framed to confuse you, and only if you are already aware can you figure out the critical information and loopholes. Also, learn various short ways like eliminating wrong answers and substitution to help you answer questions fast.
  3. Read theory and practice questions for JEE: The only way we can get good at JEE math and physics numerical is through rigorous practice. Practice helps you understand the concepts better and helps you get better at solving problems you have never seen before. You can use the most commonly recommended books like HC Verma to bring questions to solve.
  4. Join a crash course or intensive learning courses: Since you have less time if you can afford it, you can benefit from joining a speedy revision course as it will help you cover the entire syllabus in record time while helping you clear your doubts, get expert advice and test your preparation.
  5. Refer books and Revise: Only practice makes perfect, and since the number of questions you have to solve and the time you have to solve them is limited, the only thing which will help you is the speed and accuracy with which your questions and that comes with revising and solving as many questions as you can.

You have to ensure that you do not procrastinate and follow your plans religiously. And ask doubts to the experts in topics whenever you need them. It is also essential that you take care of your health and hydrate yourself enough to minimise your downtime due to sickness.

Meditating and exercising regularly will keep your health and your mind agile.


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