IIT-JEE 1 on 1 Online Classes for 11th Standard

Tutoroot is an Ed-tech based educational institution which is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. That is offering the younger aspirants to improve on Foundation, IIT-JEE, NEET, IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE and IB courses. The classes are online and have 1 on 1 features. Tutoroot’s 1 on 1 course for class 11, helps the serious II-TJEE Aspirants to realize their vision and achieve satisfactory results in their examination. We are aware of the fact that “Small steps would lead to big results”. Tutoroot’s 1 on 1 course does the same thing; it creates a staircase of success for the IIT-JEE aspirants.


Is class 11th a good time to start the IIT-JEE preparations?

IIT-JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams to get admission into engineering. To crack this exam one should start their preparations as early as possible. A student with 2 years of preparation has a better chance to crack it. With this, we can say that the 11th standard would be the best time to start the preparations for IIT-JEE

 As we know most of the IIT-JEE aspirants start their preparations from class 11th itself and this is the proper way of pitching their start towards achieving the goals which are set by them.

How is it beneficial to the Aspirant?

The benefit of enrolling into this course program is, it creates a staircase to improve your rank in the IIT-JEE examination. The other beneficiaries of the course are as follow :

  • Online personal coaching.
  • Prepare under top IITIAN faculty.
  • Best online IIT-JEE coaching in Hyderabad.
  • IIT-JEE Chapter Wise Consultation
  • Prior Class schedule notifications and postings
  • Doubt clarifying sessions
  • Weekly, monthly, half-yearly based test series.
  • Regular assignments.
  • Availability of recorded videos to revise the topics.

What do we teach at the IIT-JEE Course for Class 11?

At tutoroot top IITIAN faculty teaches the aspirants. Personal guidance is provided to improve the overall preparation. For class 11th syllabus teachings are given where concept-based learning, problem-solving tricks and techniques are inculcated in the student and also the 11th standard Math, physics, chemistry subjects topics are covered keenly.

IIT-JEE Class 11 Features and Benefits

Personalized 1 on 1 online class

With a one-to-one learning environment, the student is able to communicate openly and honestly with his or her instructor. Due to the personal attention, the instructor is more inclined to listen and help the student to give them the help and attention they need.

Subject  and topic wise Consultation 

Smartly enhance the unique difficulty that you suppose you aren’t exact at. You can enhance your overall performance with recommendations and strategies which can be customized for your increase in that particular subject difficulty.

Mentoring Sessions

Regarding the Mentoring Sessions once you book your package, you may ask the overall queries on our internet site from your assigned Mentor. This will assist you to enhance your subject  adventure smoothly. TUTOROOT makes a speciality of all of the viable levels.

Mock tests and Doubt Solving Sessions

The faculty gives mock tests to the aspirant, where they get the time to practice and understand where they need to improve. The doubt solving sessions are also conducted where the aspirant can ask the doubts on any of the previously taught class or doubts of a topic and subject.

Quality study material

The study material which is provided at tutoroot is of best quality. It is designed by the curriculum experts. In which the aspirant gets diverse varieties of concept based problem solving questions which the aspirant is made exam ready.

Strengthens your course basic concepts

At tutoroot tutors teach in a way where aspirants can strengthen their basic concepts; concept based learning is inculcated in the aspirants. The main motto is to make the aspirants prepare in a firm way.

Clarity in the exam pattern

Tutors help the aspirant to solve  the previous year question papers where the aspirant will get a clear idea; how the questions are framed and how he/she should solve the questions in further exams.

Expert guidance

Tutoroot’s expert guidance through online 1 on 1 sessions helps the aspirant to get best guidance with the IITIAN experts where they upgrade the students thinking capacity and guide them in the best way towards their dreams. The expert shows a quality amount of interest in guiding the aspirant on any of the query related to subject; career etc.

Result-oriented approach

At tutoroot the 1 on 1 classes are conducted by an IITIAN faculty, where  they personally look into the students performance and guide him/her to reach the goal they set.  More information regarding 1 on 1 online classes.


As mentioned above, starting your preparation from the 11th standard is the best suggestion. You can enroll yourself with Tutoroot’s online 1 on 1 IIT-JEE courses which have been provided for the grade 11 aspirants to help them achieve better rank.


How is 1 on 1 online JEE Coaching better than Group JEE Coaching?

In tutoroot online 1 on 1 coaching the faculty will personally look into your performance and guide you throughout the journey; unlike in group coaching the 40-50 people would be under one faculty and you can get neglected.

What are the requirements for the online classes?

To run your live classes smoothly you need to have a laptop/android phone /tablet/desktop any one of the electronic gadgets mentioned from it. Eargears and a good WIFI connection.

What Happens If a student doesn’t attend the Regular Session?

The tutor will reschedule the class if the student/parents priory notify the instructor.

When are 1 on1  classes conducted in the week?

Tutoroot’s 1 on 1 classes are personalized classes where the student is given a chance to select the date, day, time and rescheduling option is also allocated to the student itself. The best part about this is it can be mutually accepted by both student and also the tutor. 

What form of study material is given to student at tutoroot?

When you enroll yourself in the course the 1st and foremost thing is we provide you with study material which contains topic wise problem solving questions, assessments and content related to the subject. The materials are designed by the experts from top IIT universities. These materials will give you experienced preparation and study to crack your exams.

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