IIT-JEE 1 on 1 Online Classes for 12th Standard

Tutoroot is India’s finest Online tutoring company which enables students to learn live one on one with some of India’s best-curated teachers. Tutoroot USP is its quality of teachers and 1 on 1 online classes. Unlike normal coaching classes, the faculty at Tutoroot is top alumni from IITs, NITs and the University of Cambridge. The online one on one IIT-JEE course for the 12th standard student is much necessary where he/she can start their preparation and achieve the goals. So here at tutoroot, we provide the 1 on 1 featured online classes where the tutor is personally able to gauge the student’s struggles and success. When the student is performing poorly, the tutor will know, make corrections, and adjust the lesson plans according to the student’s pace of learning the concepts.


What is 1 on 1 online Class for 12th Standard and how is it beneficial to the Aspirant?

Tutoroot named the IIT-JEE course for 11th and 12th Standard aspirants as the Upliftment course. The benefit of enrolling into this course program is, it creates a staircase of success for the IIT-JEE aspirants. The other beneficiaries of the program are as follow :

  • Online personal coaching.
  • Prepare under top IITIAN faculty.
  • Best online IIT-JEE coaching in Hyderabad.
  • IIT-JEE Chapter Wise Consultation
  • Prior Class schedule notifications and postings
  • Doubt clarifying sessions
  • Weekly, monthly, half-yearly based test series.
  • Regular assignments.
  • Availability of recorded videos to revise the topics.
  • All India test series are also available.
  • It Covers class 11 and 12th Syllabus.
  • Advanced study materials for the IIT-JEE Preparation.
  • Guidance from the best counselors.
  • Systematically planned schedule and syllabus curriculum.

What do we teach for Class 12 Students?

At tutoroot top IITIAN faculty teaches the aspirants. Personal guidance is provided to improve the overall preparation. In class 12 teachings are given where concept-based learning, problem-solving tricks and techniques are inculcated in the student and also the 12th standard Math, physics, chemistry subjects topics are covered keenly. Here both 11th and 12th the 2 years syllabus of the concerned subjects are covered with a systematic  explanation of the topics by using graphical representation with PPT powerpoint presentation. The 2 scenarios are represented here: the course syllabus for 11th and 12th standard is separately taught and also if you want both 11th and 12th standard coaching combined then you can enroll yourself in that whole IIT-JEE package where both the class 11th and 12th standard syllabus is covered. 

IIT-JEE Class 12 Features and Benefits

 Tutoroot’s course Features for 1 on 1 live Classes

  • Interactive live classes are taught by highly experienced IITIAN faculty.
  • The quality of teaching is best at tutoroot.
  • Adaptive courseware where the syllabus is designed in a way through which students can easily grasp the content.
  • Mentoring programs each student will be guided under an assigned mentor.
  • Personalized learning where students can select the subjects and teaching process according to their convenience.
  • Playback recordings of past classes are available 24/7 on the tutoroot’s website. Check more information regarding 1 on 1 classes.

1. High quality interaction where the student feels that he or she is heard

With a one-to-one learning environment, the student is able to communicate openly and honestly with his or her instructor. Due to the personal attention, the instructor is more inclined to listen and help the student to give them the help and attention they need.

2. The teacher is able to gauge the student’s progress and mastery of the subjects

It’s important to check the progress of the student from time to time. Here the teacher is able to gauge the success and struggles of the student, even if the student chooses not to volunteer to respond. When the student is performing poorly, the instructor will know, make corrections, and adjust the lesson plans and projects so as to meet the student’s pacing and need for reteaching.

3. The 1 on 1 sessions eliminates distractions

Students normally get interrupted by their peers from time to time. This can greatly affect their ability to understand concepts in class, and cause frustration when they are ready to move forward more quickly.

Without the distraction and overstimulation of a room full of peers, students are able to focus all attention on their instructor and the material being taught. This can help the students to perform better on assignments, and their tests and exams.

4. Low-stress environment 

You will realize that students can perform poorly if they are learning in a stressful environment. Through one-to-one interactions, students learn to trust their teachers and are given a completely safe place to openly share their problems.

More often, some students fear answering questions in a classroom setting with peers where they might be perceived as “well-known.” Others fear making mistakes, potentially feeling embarrassed in front of their peers or teacher, so they hesitate to take these kinds of risks. However, with one-to-one instruction, the student can freely express themselves to the instructor and get the help and attention they need.

5. Ability to personalize conversations and assignments

Students are not only able to address the things that they do not understand, but they’re also able to curate conversations with the instructor in order to incorporate their interests.

As a result of this, the student can actually develop their course schedules, projects, reading lists and other class elements based on personal interests, resulting in greater engagement and motivation.

6. The tutor is able to adapt to the student’s communication style

One-to-one interactions give the student ample opportunities to practice their interpersonal communication skills. The instructor is able to adapt to the student’s communication style, and to allow the right amount of “wait time” after asking questions so that the student can process the question and provide a thoughtful answer.

7. Personalised 1 on 1 online class

With a one-to-one learning environment, the student is able to communicate openly and honestly with his or her instructor. Due to the personalized attention, the instructor is more inclined to listen and help the student to give them the help and attention they need.

8. Topic Wise Consultation 

 Smartly improve the particular subject which you think you are not good at.  You can improve your performance with tips and techniques which are going to be personalized to your growth in that subject.

9. Mentoring sessions

Once you book your package, you can ask the general queries on our website from your assigned Mentor. This will help you to move ahead in your preparation journey smoothly. TUTOROOT focuses on all the possible levels.

10. Mock tests and Doubt Solving Sessions

By joining IIT JEE coaching classes at Tutoroot, you would be in an environment where, along with the lectures, you would have to solve mock tests. This gives an idea of how the actual exam will be and even helps you improve in the areas where you are weak. The doubt clearing sessions are a real help to the students.

11. Quality study material

The IIT-JEE preparation class provides high-quality study materials like modules, mock tests, and solutions set to the students so that they can clear out their basics and achieve their targets easily. The study material provided by the IIT coaching institutes is constructed in a way that is easy to understand so that the students do not have to face difficulty while studying for the exams.

12. Strengthens your course basic concepts

As we go from one standard to the other, we tend to forget our basic concepts and then we find the further associated concepts a bit difficult to understand. Foundation courses assist you by helping you strengthen your foundation, your basic concepts first, and then move ahead with the advanced concepts. By enrolling yourself in the IIT-JEE foundation classes at tutoroot, it would provide you with good guidance and opportunity to learn your basic concepts well and prepare you not just for the JEE IIT exam but even help you excel in your school exams.

13.  Clarity in the exam pattern

When you join a foundation course, it helps you in developing your knowledge regarding the exam pattern; enhancing the skills needed, understanding which are the important topics and much more. This would also help in better preparation for the examination.

14. Expert guidance

To crack the IIT-JEE examination, one needs proper guidance from the subject experts. The experienced faculties are well aware of the topics that are covered every year and stay constantly updated to provide you with the best. The IIT foundation coaching classes guide the students in the right direction so that they get better assistance and guidance in every concept, topic, and subject.

15. Result-oriented approach

The foundation class teaches the student in a way that she/he visualizes her/his goal in a more defined manner. Students learn to be decisive and about prioritizing time and effort. The tests and the doubt solving help the students understand where they are in terms of preparation, what changes they need to make to improve and how to deal with the areas that they lack.


Start the Best IIT-JEE Main and Advanced Coaching with TUTOROOT. It is time to Achieve Your Dreams. Tutoroot is one of the best online coaching centers in Hyderabad. Come and enroll yourself in the online 1 on 1 classes and excel in your career.


Can I attend 1on 1 LIVE classes from my Smartphone?

Yes, you can attend 1 on 1 live class from your smartphone. But you can be more beneficial when you attend it with your laptop, Desktop or tablet because it has better and more unique options in them where your learning can be enhanced in a better way. 

Will I get any assistance from the previous year’s question paper?

Yes, there is no need to worry. The Profound IIT faculties who are giving you lectures will explain the important topics from previous year’s question papers as well.

Will I get any study material while enrolling for 1on 1 IIT-JEE classes?

Yes, the study materials will be provided in the form of soft copies after you enroll in the program. Access to the material will be available only to the enrolled students throughout your course program’s duration.

What will be the timings of the Online Classes?

Classes are scheduled at flexible timings keeping in mind the schedule of the students. The scheduled timings are 6:45 pm to 9 pm IST that is 2 hours of duration. Tutoroot classes are held after school hours at a very convenient time. The entire class schedule will be published in advance.

What are the requirements for the LIVE classes?

To attend the live classes you need a speed internet connection (WIFI)

and a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet.

Who will be the instructors in the Online Classes? What are their qualifications?

The tutoroot have Profound IIT faculties who are qualified from renowned IIT universities, and they are trained and qualified instructors. Where the instructors are trained well on how to insert concept-based learning in the student. You will be guided by experts who have a great track record of successfully coaching students to pass these exams or cleared exams like JEE (Advanced), BITSAT, NEET, AFMC etc. They will help you by providing tips & tricks and the required skills in successfully clearing the exams.

Will there be any Test Series for students? How will the performance be judged?

Yes, there will be tests based on the weekly, monthly teachings and the scores will be informed to your parents. The performance of the student is judged by giving grades on how they solved their paper.

What would be the mode of Payment for the Tuition Fee?

The tuition fee payment mode is online payment. There are many options available for paying the fees, like Net banking via Razor Pay, Online Transactions in the form of UPI Payment, Credit card, Debit card and Loan through a tie-up with Bajaj Finance.

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