NEET 1 on 1 Online Classes for 10th Standard


Tutoroot’s 1 on 1 online coaching facilitates coaching to an individual student with a concerned faculty. The special 1 on 1 online coaching feature of tutoroot helps the aspirant to achieve their goals. In this online class for NEET the aspirants can clarify their doubts with their tutor without any hesitation. To be an achiever join the tutoroot’s online class for NEET where an enormous amount of advantages are provided.


NEET Coaching Online – What we at Tutoroot Offer?

Tutoroot provides an extensive amount of offerings to the students who are part of their NEET online coaching. The offerings are enumerated below. Have a look over it.

  • Safe environment to the aspirants where they can clear their queries without any hesitation.
  • 1 student with 1 concerned tutor.
  • Doubt clarifying sessions.
  • Personalized 1 on 1 online classes.
  • Playback recording of previous classes.
  • Curriculum and teaching patterns are designed and taught in a way according to your pace of learning.
  •  Online classes where you can learn from the comfort of your home.
  • Personalized study materials are provided once you enroll yourself in the coaching course/program.
  • Weekly, quarterly, half yearly test series are conducted.
  • Solving previous year question papers is extensively practiced.
  • Concept based learning is improved in the aspirant.
  • Problem solving tips and tricks are provided to the aspirants.
  • Top IITIAN faculty will teach the physics and chemistry subjects.
  • Monthly once inspirational program where qualified aspirants will talk with the student, where they guide them in how to crack the NEET exam.
  • A Personal Mentor is assigned to the student who guides and looks after the students performance personally.
  •  PTM parent teacher meetings are conducted weekly once. The student’s parents will have the total analysis on their child’s performance.
  • Doubt clarifying sessions are conducted on Sunday where the student can ask the doubts on previously taught topics and get clarifications on it.

Which Type of Topics We Cover mostly

The topics at tutoroot we cover extensively are as follows:

The subjects for NEET online coaching been taught at tutoroot are 


1 on 1 online coaching of tutoroot will cover extensively these topics for its students from the different NEET subjects of class 11th and 12th.



Topic Weightage 

Plant kingdom, animal kingdom 


Cell structure and function


Human Physiology


Genetics and evolution


Biology and human welfare




Topic Weightage


Motion of system of particles and rigid body 




Current electricity


Electromagnetic induction


Electromagnetic waves




Ray optics and wave optics


Electronic devices



Topics Topic Weightage





Chemical bonding and molecular structure 


P-block elements


Coordination compounds


Chemical kinetics


Alcohols, phenols, and ethers




Aldehyde, ketones and carboxylic acids


All these topics have more weightage in the NEET exam so more concentration is given to these topics at the beginning and later on the other topics are also looked after.

Key Highlights Of NEET Online Coaching

Key highlights of NEET Online Coaching at tutoroot are

  • One on one online coaching.
  • Safe and secure study environment.
  • Enormous amount of problem solving sessions for Physics and Chemistry.
  • Interactive sessions. 
  • Personalized learning at your doorstep.
  • Mentor guidance.
  • PPT (PowerPoint presentation) explanation on the topics is provided. 
  • Visual based learning.
  • Doubts clarifying sessions.
  • Previous year question paper analysis.
  • Best learning experience.

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To balance your 10th grade studies in accordance with the NEET preparations tutoroot is the best place to achieve this criteria. Tutoroot’s online class for NEET helps the class 10  NEET aspirants to achieve their goals. 

What are you waiting for? Join tutoroot’s 1 on 1 online coaching  

Tutoroot is the best online coaching to achieve a great learning experience. NEET online coaching at tutoroot is the best place to excel in your preparation.

Enroll now in online class for NEET at tutoroot; achieve great experience.


What is the exam mode of the NEET 2024?

The NEET 2024 exam  will be held in offline – Pen and paper mode.

Where you need to go to the allotted exam center.

Will NEET 2024 be conducted twice?

Maybe, they can conduct NEET 2024 twice a year as per the concerned situation. The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health will soon resume discussions of holding NEET twice a year. The matter was first discussed last year under the leadership of Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank former minister of education, however, there has not been a consensus on the matter yet. 

Is there any limit to the number of attempts for NEET exams?

As per the regulatory board for NEET exams, the NTA (National Testing Agency), there is no restriction on the number of attempts for the NEET exams.

Are there any changes in NEET? If so, what are they?

Graduate Medical Education, 1997 which was last amended in 2018 is the basis of NEET exam eligibility. Earlier, there were lots of restrictions on the NEET age limit and subjects as well as the type of school but as per the revised NEET eligibility criteria for 2024, all those restrictions are now removed. However, the upper age limit criterion has been removed from the eligibility of NEET 2024 as has been the clause of open school students not being eligible.There are no restrictions on the maximum NEET attempt limit in 2024.

Who conducts NEET exams?

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), formerly the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), is the qualifying test for MBBS and BDS programmes in Indian medical and dental colleges. It is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

What all equipment a student requires to attend a class 10 NEET online coaching?

A class 10 NEET online coaching aspirant requires all the below mentioned equipment’s to attend tutoroot’s  1 on 1 online coaching

  • An android phone/laptop/tablet/desktop.
  • Pair of earphones.
  • Good WIFI connection.

Does tutoroot provide study materials to the students?

Yes, at tutoroot we provide personalized study materials to the students once they enroll in your online coaching institute.

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