What is Biodiversity? – Definition, Types, Importance

As you know, different types of ecosystems and habitats across the world are rich with multiple types of organisms like plants, animals, etc. And the Biodiversity of flora and fauna is essential for the survival of the ecosystem, and thus it is important for the students to have a good understanding of the definition of biodiversity, conservation of biodiversity, etc. So here in the article below, we will help you understand what Biodiversity is. And its values.  

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is defined as the variety of living organisms, in various types of ecosystems such as terrestrial, desert, marine, etc, And the basic function of biodiversity is to explain the richness and variety in an ecosystem.  

What is Biodiversity?

Types of Biodiversity

There are different types of Biodiversity in an ecosystem, each having its own significance and function, such as,  

  • Genetic Biodiversity – All organisms from the same background or category have various genetic differences from each other. For instance, humans from various different regions or over generations from the same family, have multiple differences in terms of looks, etc. 
  • Ecological Biodiversity – In an ecosystem, all living and non-living organisms have different types of interactions with each other, either directly or indirectly. This relationship between organisms is defined as Ecological Biodiversity. 
  • Species Biodiversity – As the name itself suggests, species biodiversity is stated as the number of variety of species that are surviving in a particular area or region. For example, different types of ants living in forests, etc. 

Importance of Biodiversity

From the above descriptions, you already know Biodiversity plays a vital role in an ecosystem, and here we will help you find out various benefits of biodiversity. 

Ethical Importance 

People believe that every species has the right to exist here on our earth, and no single creature should lead to the extinction of another species or creature. And in biodiversity, the existence of multiple species in tandem with each other is important for the survival of the ecosystem. 

Ecological Stability 

Scientists have discovered through multiple experiments that each species in an ecosystem has a special purpose or role. And due to a species intervention, another species goes extinct, then the stability of the said ecosystem is directly affected.  

Economic Significance 

Most of the important products are sourced directly from various flora and fauna in an ecosystem. Thus, if one of the organisms is endangered, the products sourced from them also get affected. For instance, we source various types of items like food, fiber, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, and many more. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we conserve biodiversity? 

As said above, Biodiversity plays an active role in various processes, that ensure the survival and genetic development of multiple species, in the said ecosystem.  

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