Why is Character Building the Soul of Education?

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King Jr

Right from primary school to higher education, teaching children “skills of life” is emphasized at all stages. However the main element is to help build the character in students other than just the curriculum. As character will help them face the reality and deal with situations with humanity in the real world beyond just exam papers.


So what roles can education play in building character? Read on.

Key to the right knowledge

Knowledge along with ethical values will create a pleasing quality of politeness in a social arena. It helps provide a better opportunity as you scale up your career ladder. Because along with knowledge, good traits help set a better perception of your personality.

Help differentiate between the right and the wrong

Good education may help understand a myriad of situations in life, but to choose what is best for an individual and also for society is what can define the character of a person. Picking up an ethically inclined decision can be more satisfying for the growth of the person.

Ethical guide

Trustworthiness, compassion, respect, equality, accountability, and social responsibility are the six pillars of a perfect character build up. Schools can raise awareness of these character traits so that the students strive in building them as they grow.

Foundation for good reputation

A good education can build a better personality leading to the development of a better society. It helps to turn your weakness into strength and empower an individual to make decisions based on past mistakes and proper analysis. This in turn helps them take charge of their own lives and be independent.

Thus building character must not be the forgotten element in schools but the soul of education.

“Educational intelligence” is important but “Emotional intelligence” is equally important.

“Mind power” is a necessity for every student’s growth but “mental well-being” can help them sustain in the longer run.

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