Five Most Important Preparation Tips for NEET 2022 you Need to Know

NEET is a national-level exam that is held once a year for all the students who are interested in getting admission to all the medical colleges in the country including MBBS courses, AYUSH courses, Dental Courses, and other related disciplines.

The nature of the exam makes it really a very hard exam to crack and rank as a lot of students are fighting for a limited amount of seats in top colleges and universities. So, what is going to help you get good marks in the NEET 2021 while you are still studying for your 12th board exams?

The answer lies in how you are planning to prepare for your NEET exam, most people use a combination of methods link going to traditional coaching classes or attending NEET Classes online, taking the help of practice exams, online courses, and school teachers, personalized tutors and self-study from 11th class. 


In this article, you will learn about some of the neet preparation tips you can use to efficiently prep for your NEET exams:

Tip 1: Understand the exam pattern and be updated on all news related to NEET

  • Knowing what you are required to do is the most important of all. Without knowing the exam pattern, distribution of questions, paper pattern, chapter wise distribution, time limits and other related information you will have fewer chances of succeeding. 
  • The best students know what are the latest news and changes made by the NEET exam test providers to be on top of their practice. It helps you make schedules that optimize your preparation without wasting a lot of your time.

Tip 2: Set a goal and make a study schedule you can follow

  •  Most of the time students make unrealistic study goals and make idealistic study schedules to complete their syllabus so much so that they fail at achieving their own benchmark which demotivates them. It can make them less interested in studying and end up scoring moderate marks which are not enough to get admissions in the college of their dreams. 
  • You should rather start with the NEET score you are aiming for depending on the college you want to study at. Then make a sustainable plan on how you can achieve it in the amount of time available to you. Make sure you are preparing with best authors and with best books for neet 2022.

Tip 3: Cover the syllabus based on the topics of your strengths

  • In the NEET exam, half of the marks belong to the biology section and the other half is divided into physics and chemistry each. Most of the people start with preparing for the NEET biology and chemistry section as most of the time they just have to remember and understand specific concepts and know names of reaction and labelling. 
  • What it means is if you are a physics person you should start from a subject of your strength and then go for others. Commonly people first prepare everything from the NCERT textbooks of biology, physics and chemistry. Getting a personalized strategy that works for you is always better than following strategies which worked for other students as they might not have the same strengths you have.

Tip 4: Balance your schedule and take care of your mental, physical and spiritual health

  • When the exam pressure is high you would want to spend all of your waking time studying and preparing for your exam but most of the time it is a strategy to lose. Taking rest in between study sessions and taking care of your health is one of the most important factors which separated the average student from the top scorers. 
  • Make sure you eat healthy food, avoid junk and take proper rest and sleep and indulge in some form of exercise to be on top of your health. It will not only help you rewind and rejenuate but also help you by increasing your retention power and making the concepts clearer by increasing your focus and concentration.

Tip 5: Check, test your knowledge and realign your preparation strategy accordingly 

  • So, you have been following your study plan and have prepared for the exam, it is important that you check the effectiveness of your preparation strategy by continuously giving practice exams. It will help you know what strategies are working and what are not and then you can tweak your preparation strategies according to the results you get.
  • Give the topics which are important and top marks the most priority in your preparation. It helps you get marks with the least amount of efforts helping you score more in your exam while ensuring you don’t waste time on complex topics which have less weightage in the exam but take a longer time to grasp. 

It is important to prepare for your NEET exams, test your knowledge whenever you can and find ways to score more by finding effective test-taking strategies to increase your chances of scoring well and ranking among the top scorers in the NEET exam.


Tutoroot provides Live interactive NEET Classes online presented by IIT teachers which help you prepare for your NEET exam with the hassles of travelling by helping you study from your own home while getting personalized attention and a learning plan optimized just to your strengths and weakness along with strategies you can use to gain expertise in your weak areas. 

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