Complete Study Plan & Preparation Strategy for NEET 2024

When preparing for the National Eligibility cum entrance test, you would want to ensure that preparation is top-notch.

NEET is an extremely competitive and vital exam for most aspiring medical students who wish to enter into reputed institutions; what then becomes important is the NEET 2024 score! You can aim to plan out your preparation journey with short-term and long-term goals to ensure positive results. A preparation strategy can boost your confidence and increase your interest in studying.



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Consider the following 10 pointers, While preparing a study plan

  1.  Ask yourself if you need external support/ guidance/ training.
  2. Even though self-studying is inevitable, some students might require an external push to reach their goals. If you wish to incorporate fun learning during your course of preparation.
  3. Join Interactive Online Tutoring Classes, they help foster open discussion and give you a unique learning experience! More often than not, mundane/routine learning is what creates a setback for students.
  4. Research on Syllabus, must prepare neet syllabus 2024 topic wise.
  5. Perfect timetable for neet 2024 would essentially depend on the topic of content, how extensive it is, and how long it takes for an average person to learn. Most people would recommend spending at least 12 hours every day on NEET preparation. neet 2024 application form will be available at NEET official website.
  6. Choose your time of revision/learning/ practice carefully.
  7. Use the hours of the day you are most attentive to learn new, fresh concepts and use the time before going to bed for revision.
  8. Your study plan should consider which subject to start with and which topics are more scoring. This can help give you a more favorable outcome.
  9. Don’t stick to just books for preparation. The internet is a vast space, try and gain extra study material from online references.
  10. While building your study plan, analyze and jot down the topics you are confident in and the topics you lack comprehensive knowledge in. This helps create a clear demarcation between what you know and what you need to work on. Begin with high weightage topics first, moving on to the lower weightage topics.

The total number of questions for each subject

  • Biology: 90 questions
  • Chemistry:45 questions
  • Physics:45 questions

The above scores put together to give you a total of 180 questions, out of which 720 is the maximum you can achieve! Since there is negative marking involved, be vary of your answers and don’t rush!

9 Smartways to Prepare For NEET 2024

  1. Your Preparation Strategy should include smart ways to prep for NEET.
  2. When you are preparing for biology, try to focus on diagram details and labeling, as it is the most integral aspect of the subject and can help you memorize concepts faster.
  3. Prepare a sheet of formulas/laws/theorems for each chapter on a sheet of paper to make revision organized, easier and faster!
  4. Chemical equations can be hard to retain and can easily be confusing, to clear this nuance, you can try memorizing the formulas in innovative ways to help retain the information better. 
  5. After the harder part of preparation is done, revision should be the only focus. Try and set deadlines for finishing each section within a stipulated amount of time. This should help improve your time management skills and prepare you better for the day of the exam!
  6. After you receive the results of your mock test, assess and implement the required changes. Mark your mistakes and try solving similar questions till you get it right. best online coaching for neet 2024.
  7. The syllabus focuses on the 11th and 12th topics of Science, while it may look simple, they are your basics. Ensure a strong foundation, so that harder concept can be dealt with easily. Double check is there any deleted syllabus for neet 2024 you are preparing.
  8. Take sufficient breaks, and avoid binge-watching influential shows. Try and do productive/ creative things in your free time to improve your creativity and keep you focused with neet 2024 preparation.
  9. One of the most beneficial tips to increase your chances of an impressive NEET score is to attempt previous years’ test papers! They give you a good idea of what it feels like to try the paper. Practicing or attempting mock tests with a greater difficulty level than the actual exam can also help you feel more relaxed and confident. When you are less stressed and anxious, the chances of making silly/unnecessary mistakes can be avoided.  Also try to take best online coaching for neet 2024.


If you are someone who needs a stimulating environment to learn and revise, joining Tutoroot’s Online Interactive Classes is just what you need! These budget-friendly classes help give you comprehensive exposure to all the important syllabus topics to cover, practice questions, mock tests, and in addition to this, they also inculcate interactive learning, making the student feel more comfortable and confident! And if that’s not all, they also have mentoring programs, adaptive courseware, and playback recordings of previous classes to improve the quality of revision!

Related Query’s:

  1. Is NEET 2024 syllabus reduced?
    There is no change in the syllabus for NEET 2024 exam.
  2. NEET 2024 syllabus?
    Important chapters for neet
      . Biological Classification
      . Principles of Inheritance and Variation
      . Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants. Full Syllabus 
  3. How to crack neet 2024 in first attempt?

       STEP 1: Assess the most effective study method for yourself
    Every student studies effectively and productively in their own ways; while some need months of strict coaching, others can do away with self-studies or online tutoring classes. Ensure that learning is fun and not mundane.

       STEP 2: Setting an unachievable target can lead to demotivation & procrastination
    If you are someone whose knowledge in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics is limited, then aiming to crack NEET prep within a month is equal to setting an achievable target. Setting exorbitantly high goals can lead you to push too hard, or sometimes even demotivate you through the preparation journey. It is imperative to set smaller, achievable goals and deciding deadlines so that you can stick by them and follow a particular direction! Continue . . . . . 

  4. Weightage of chapters in neet 2024?

    Here is the list of neet important chapters along with their weightage:
    High Priority Percentage Weightage
    Human physiology – 20%
    Genetics & evolution – 18%
    Reproduction – 9%
    Cell biology – 9%
    Ecology – 6%
    Biotechnology – 4%   for Full weightage check here

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