Steps you Need to Follow to Crack the NEET Exam in 1 Month

In order to achieve a good NEET rank, you would have to spend an average of 6-8 months preparing devotedly for the syllabus. However, if you wish to prepare for it within a month, it isn’t impossible! Remember that the syllabus topics are vast and complex. Trying to achieve what would typically take at least half a year within a month is a challenging task! There are a few steps you can follow to crack the NEET exam in 1 month,



9 Steps to You must follow to crack NEET Exam

  1. Make an elaborate timetable/ Plan. Plan your hours in a day and dedicate it to different topics depending on when you work most efficiently.  While doing so in just 1 month can lead you to either slack on practice or leave out certain low weightage topics, you can do an Online Tutoring Course for NEET preparation. These courses available online give you a broad and comprehensive outlook towards what truly goes into NEET undergrad preparation!
  2. Anxiety and nervousness are inevitable. However, following the best preparation routine can help you achieve impressive results. Build a prep routine with Tutoroot’s Online Interactive classes; all you have to do is select the program, grade, and subject.
  3. You would have to devote at least around 12-14 hours of your day to preparation and revision in 1-month duration. Take regular short breaks in between to avoid overburdening your brain with too much information at once.
  4. It is essential to understand that with no prior knowledge of syllabus content or a  basic foundation in Science, it is impossible to achieve a full-fledged prep within 1 month. You need to divide and segregate your time effectively to NEET Syllabus revision, NEET mock tests, and analysis of problem areas.
  5. NCERT books contain elaborate and exact information on the NEET syllabus topics, so try and ensure that you are thorough with the book instead of referring to different books published by other various authors. This might lead to confusion and wastage of time.
  6. By studying every minute of every day, you are doing more harm than good. Make sure you take out at least 15-30 mins of the day to take part in activities you enjoy doing. This will allow you to be more receptive towards the content being revised and learned.
  7. Time management is KEY! Every time you sit to attempt a mock test, put a timer to record how long it takes per question, per section. This should help you gain an understanding of where you can save time and what time-saving techniques you should use. By doing so, on exam day you won’t have to rush or panic to finish your paper.
  8. Make Notes! This is a tip that has proved to be helpful to many students. Since subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology have a lot of interrelated concepts and formulas, by preparing important NEET topics, keeping easy-to-read notes, you can revise last minute as well! With a vast syllabus portion, it can be easy to lose focus.
  9. You get an average of over 90 minutes per section, so when you practice mock tests, try and give yourself the same time deadlines, so as to stimulate the potential exam environment!


Although it might feel stressful and unachievable,  following the right kind of prep is vital. Learn in a way that works best for you! The profound expert faculty help you in this process of transitioning to a fully prepared test taker for D-Day!

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