1 on 1 Online Classes for IGCSE Grade 9

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the English language  exam just like GCSE and is regarded within the United Kingdom as being equal to the GCSE to comprehend earlier attainment. It evolved via means of the University of Cambridge International Examinations. To get admissions into global universities the students should be qualified with the IGCSE exam which will be conducted in grade 10. To qualify in this exam you need to start your preparation from IGCSE grade 9 itself.


What is the difference between GCSE, IGCSE, and the Cambridge O level?

The major differences are explained below in detailed version have a look towards it


The GCSE examination is taken in particular topics consisting of English, Literature, Mathematics and Science. Other topics provided encompass Modern Languages, History, Geography, Business Studies, Art, Music, Design and Technology, Religious Studies and plenty of more. The GCSE tests may be taken most effectively withinside the UK. In India the GCSE exam isn’t available for the students if the student is willing to write the exam he/she should attend the exam in other UK based countries but if the student is willing to write this exam the GCSE is equivalent to the IGCSE Exam. So writing IGCSE exam will suffice for the Indian student.


If your child is willing to go to any of the foreign countries, the IGCSE exam is a must and to get admissions into international universities the student should qualify this exam. IGCSE stands for International General Certificate Of Secondary Education exam which is conducted for 14 to 16 year old students which provides 70 subjects in any combination. The Cambridge IGCSE syllabus has been advanced to guide present day curriculum improvement and inspire proper coaching practice for IGCSE grade 9 students.

Cambridge O-Level

The Cambridge O-stages are just like the IGCSEs; however, are custom designed to fulfill precise nearby curriculum needs, which include minority languages. Cambridge O level can choose from more than 40 Cambridge O Level subjects in any combination. It is an internationally recognised qualification equivalent to Cambridge advanced and as well as other progression courses.

Cambridge IGCSE Features are as follows

  • Cambridge IGCSE is aimed toward a extensive capacity variety of school students, with various grades offered from A* (maximum grade) to G (lowest). There is a core (C to G) and extended (A* to C) curriculum provided in a few subjects.
  • Cambridge IGCSE makes use of numerous evaluation strategies to check oral and sensible skills, initiative and problem-fixing and alertness of skills.
  • A coursework option is available in many syllabuses, allowing schools an element of personal choice and giving teachers the chance to share in the process of assessment.
  • Learners are rewarded in the direction of fantastic achievement (what they know, understand, and might do).
  • Cambridge IGCSE prepares school students for development to employment or in addition study. It additionally prepares students thoroughly for Cambridge International AS & A Levels.

Cambridge O Level Features are as follows

  • Cambridge O Level applicants are best presented grades from A* to E, wherein A* is the best accomplishable grade.
  • Cambridge O Level gives fewer coursework alternatives than Cambridge IGCSE.
  • Some Cambridge O Level syllabuses have been advanced to satisfy particular nearby needs, together with minority languages.
  • The recognition of Cambridge O Level languages is on writing and reading skills.

How Tutoroot teaches 1 on 1 IGCSE Sessions?

  • As we all are aware about the fact that IGCSE is the International Qualification exam.To crack this the student should have a best level of coaching from his/her IGCSE grade 9 itself. At tutoroot we keep all this criterion in mind and train the student accordingly.
  • The extensively experienced faculty from Oxford and Cambridge university are appointed at Tutoroot, hold a student-led approach and mirror the subject enthusiasm with innovative sessions, enabling students to have consistent academic growth.
  • The materials which tutoroot provides are personalized to meet the unique requirements of each student, the tutors help the students to narrow down subjects that pique their interest. 
  • Classes at tutoroot provides warm up problems, analysis on previous year question papers, revision classes and assignments.
  • IGCSE holds a globally renowned curriculum that achieves high standards of academia. To achieve excellence towards it; faculty teaches the syllabus where the curriculum is taught in an interesting way by availing  interactive learning and  assessments. 
  • Tutoroot will help the students to stand out of the crowd all the time.
  • IGCSE grade 9 online 1 on 1 classes enables middle school students to crack the IGCSE exam with the use of fantastically developed virtual class rooms, anywhere and anytime. 
  • IGCSE coaching online at tutoroot enables you to take classes at your convenience. It gives you an opportunity to take your classes from anywhere. You can choose whichever location you want to prepare for the IGCSE exam, the requirements are a laptop with a better internet connection.

Faculty Summary

At tutoroot we appoint the qualified faculty; who are PhD scholars from University of Oxford and  Cambridge. To teach IGCSE grade 9 students in their further exams.

Benefits of One to One Online Teaching with Tutoroot?

Benefits of the tutoroot’s Individual Coaching for IGCSE Board are as follows

  • Faculty introduces and elaborates upon key standards contained in the IGCSE grade 9 math syllabus, focusing mainly on regions of difficulty, to grow towards the fluency and information of the scholars.
  • Faculty at tutoroot make sure that enrolled students are completely familiarized with the layout of the tests and alert them to all of the useful ‘guidelines and hints as a way to assist them to maximize their probabilities of success.
  • Demonstrate, through the use of various targeted past paper questions, how to apply these concepts to the full range of problems that can be encountered in IGCSE math.
  • At tutoroot detailed and practical advice are given to the students regarding how to practise, revise and prepare during the time leading up to exams.
  • Faculty at tutoroot challenge the students with non-standard, problem-solving-style questions which are becoming increasingly fashionable as examination questions with many exam boards, to increase the students’ confidence in applying topics they know to unfamiliar questions.

Bottom line

Tutoroot’s 1 on 1 online classes will help you to clarify your doubts from the comfort of your home. Tutoroot is the merge of all the excellent features, where you can consume and select according to your convenience. For any of your IGCSE grade 9 coaching queries call us today. Take our free demo classes and we are sure you will like it. Tutoroot’s 1 on 1 online classes IGCSE classes will extensively be useful for you to acquire the pre-mind thoughts withinside the coming future.
So what are you thinking of? Join at your earliest to stand out in your IGCSE grade 9.


Will I get any study material while enrolling for 1:1 IGCSE classes?

Yes, the study materials will be provided in the form of soft copies after you enroll into the program. The access of material will be available only to the enrolled students.

What will be the timings of the Online Classes?

Classes are scheduled on flexible timings after your school hours. The scheduled timings are 6:45pm to 9pm IST

What are the requirements for the LIVE classes?

For the live classes you need a speed internet connection (WIFI) , a laptop/desktop/tab/android phone/tv and earphones.

Who will be the instructors in the Online Classes? What are their qualifications?

Tutoroot have highly experienced and qualified faculty from University of Oxford and Cambridge.

Will there be any Test Series for students? How will the performance be judged?

Yes, there will be tests every week and the scores will be informed to  your parents.

What would be the mode of Payment for the Tuition Fee?

The tuition fee payment mode is online payment through your credit or debit card, UPI Payment, mobile payments.

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